Monday, December 8, 2008

christmas bear orders filled

A merry christmas bear!
well, I didnt get every thing i wanted to get done done this weekend.. but I did make these two bears which were orders. always feels good to complete an order.. or a swap doesnt it! the top bear is for someone who just wanted a christmas bear. The bottom one is for a friend, and is made out of her nephews first christmas outfit! hope they like their bears.

It is so hard to type while jasper wants attention! well let me show you... here he is sitting on the mouse!!

here he is moving when I told him to get off the freaken mouse!

and here he is trying to make me feel bad for being irritated with his precious little self! I sooo love my kitty!

Remember that i've told you that i think hes a little bit senile? well, this weekend I was boiling a big pan of water to make macaroni in, jasper thinks he can sit where ever he wants to, so I walk into the kitchen and see him sitting way to close to the burner with the pan on it.. and then I see smoke.. first I think its just steam, but I yelled for the cat to move and when he did, I could see that the "smoke" was going with him! the crazy animal had been sitting there with his tail smoldering!! I had to grab him and put his tail out.. it wasnt in flames, but eiy yie yie.. the house smelled so bad like burning hair for a hour afterwards!! my poor old kitten.. he is just too much!

well, I've got to eat and shower and get off to work.. so have a great day girls!


Carla said...

Oh, pretty, pretty, pretty!!! Love those red bears. Poor, poor kitty. He looks so precious. Thank goodness you caught him soon enough that he didn't go up in flames!!!

Malissa said...

That is too funny about the poor kitty! Super cute bear babies!

Kai said...

Poor lil' Jasper! I'm glad he's okay! Thank goodness you noticed when you did that he was sitting in a dangerous place! I am a cat lover, too, and Viv, your Jasper is a BEAUTY! As for those bears, who WOULDN'T love them! They are both adorable! The first one's sweet lil' expression is especially WONDERFUL!

Lydia said...

Poor little Jasper.
Trying to catch up with the blog world and my apron pictures! I haven't forgotten. PLease forgive me, it is tough here. Took some of my daughter on Halloween dressed in your wonderful apron , but I think that it didn't do it justice with her Little Bo Peep costume overtaking the pictures. I do need a better camera, but it's not in the cards at this time. Ehhhh!

Love your prolific blogging news, Viv:) Have a Very, Merry Christmas, with Blessings to you and yours- Love Lydia xo

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

What sweet little Christmas bears...m..

Anonymous said...

i think you should convince all your blogging friends to send you a shot glass from where they live ... it would be a great opportunity for your lovely little daughter to collect more :-D

your favoritest daughter in the world <3

Cheryl said...

lol.... a cat on You've got your hands full!

Sandy Michelle said...

OMG I can't believe he was oblivious to his tail being on fire! Too funny!


Natasha Burns said...

Love the bears Vivian.
Oh gosh, Jasper! I couldn't help but laugh, but thank goodness you noticed when you did!
Eeew the smell of burning hair, I can just imagine it! Thank goodness it wasn't burning kitty!

bojojoti said...

Poor sweet Jasper! (I did laugh though.)

Julie said...

Can you see yourself trying to explain to your insurance agent that your house burned down because the cats tail caught on fire and then he ran through the house???

The snowmen are adorable!! and BTW - you are not the only one who will be on a serious diet after Christmas!