Sunday, December 21, 2008

When its like this outside.... bake cookies! the only problem with baking cookies is......
Then I just want to eat them all!

I used to make some other kinds too, but Ive narrowed it down to these five kinds over the years because these are our favorites.

I usually make fudge too.. but I think I'm going to pass on it this year..
Its a good thing most of my kids live near by and stop in a lot... someone has to help eat these babies! I did make up a tray to take to a family christmas party today.

However, the weather is supposed to get nasty, and I'm not sure I'm going. The rest of my family says they are.. I just get tooo nervous driving or riding in stormy weather.. (pisses my husband off.. oh well.. )

I have projects to work on anyways.. gifts that need to be finished.. bears that need to be worked on..
I would like to go to the party.. but I just dont know..
I do have my shopping and wrapping done and now my baking is done..
We have friends over for christmas eve, so I do still need to clean the house. I'll have some cooking to do, salads to make on tuesday night too. Unfortunetely I have to work christmas eve.. that kind of sucks, as It doesnt give me much time to prepare for company at 7:00 when I dont get home until 5:30! I'll just have to have most everything done on tuesday night and wednesday morning. Really theres not that much to do. jens a teacher so she will be off the next 2 weeks, so she'll come over and help.
well, just wanted to share these cookies with ya! I suppose I should go get showered and dressed and figure out what I'm doing today!
have a sweet sunday! only 4 more days til christmas! I hope you're all ready!


Carla said...

Nice looking cookies there! Almost makes me want to bake! Almost LOL

Susan said...

I agree, the cookies look so good, I almost want to bake, also. I agree with you totally on driving or even riding in the snow. It makes me a nervous wreck. It is sort of exciting, though. From one fraidy cat to another, I say, go to the party, you'll make a memory, if nothing else!

kathy said...

OK VIV< making me look bad here - organized - thinking ahead - gotta plan -all those cookies - well it doesn't make me wanna bake right now makes me want to eat _YUM !!! Ok soon gotta find out the coookie recioe for the one with nuts on top - Have a Happy and Safe Monday !! Kathy - ga

Cheryl said...

Dang girlie.... even your cookies are cute! You rock!

Stella said...

Viv, love the cookies. Wish I could bake so.

Julie said...

Have a wonderful Christmas Viv! If you have time - please stop by my blog and see the remake I did on the Santa and Mrs. Santa. I finally posted pictures of them!

Farmchick said...

Well your cookies look awesome!!! Have a Merry Christmas!!

bojojoti said...

I got a new stand mixer for my birthday, and last night my daughter and I made two different kinds of chocolate chip cookies. I'd like to make some sugar cookies, but I'm afraid to have too many sweets around the house!

BlackCrow said...

Yum! I could almost reach out and nibble one of those cookies!
Wow, I know it must be cold there but boy the snow looks wonderful!
Today is my last day at work and I've two Xmas's to prepare for. Most gifts have been made but no baking done, yikes, what am I still doing in my dressing gown??
Have a wonderful Xmas with your friends and family and a safe and productive new year!!
Thank you for your lovely posts, photo's, comments and swaps!

AwtemNymf said...

The cookies look delicious! Yummo! Too bad BlogLand doesn't have sniff-0-meter. *lol*
I baked a couple of weeks ago, and I'm in the mood to bake some more. Perfect excuse to warm up the house! And I have a wicked sweet tooth!

ps- how's the snowman swap coming along? WIll you be able to post pics soon? I'd love to see all the creations?!
Hugs & Faerie Dust!

Sandy Michelle said...

How are you liking all the snow?!!? The cookies look yummy!!! Sorry that you have to work x-mas eve!!! I too am scared to drive in this weather! Did you say you're going to make me something? Yipee!! Have a WONDERFUL Christmas and thank you for the doll name!


Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

I put on the pot of key but where are you with the cookies??? LOL...Merry CHRISTmas...m..

Scrappy Jessi said...

Hey sweets,

mmm these look good!!

Merry Christmas!!!
have a great holiday season.


Heidi said...

Oh how I wish those cookies were here at my house! On second thought maybe I don't. They would be too hard to stay out of. I remember a Christmas Eve several years back when I let my husband go out on a snowy night to pick up my grandparents to bring to a party. Two thousand dollars later (he slid into a retaining wall) my grandparents did make the party. I think your smart to think twice before driving. Let your good sense guide you! Merry Christmas!


natalea said...

It's coming down again right now Viv! this weather is crazy! (and you know I love it!) It does stink you have to work tomorrow- I hope you can enjoy your evening- don't stress whatever you do!! It's not worth it. I am having my parents and brother over Christmas Eve and then going to mom's for the big family party Christmas Day. Tonight I'm going to do some last minute cruising in the snow with Christmas music on! Have the best Christmas my friend!! tell your family I say hello and Merry Christmas too! oxox nat

Anonymous said...

Oh my so yummy, when can I come over?
HA HA!! Have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy your cookies.

Susan said...

Your cookies look so good!

Merry Christmas~

Sea Dream Studio said...

Merry Christmas, sweet friend!!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Chickadee!! I hope that the storm doesnt keep you from family!! Love the cookies they look wonderful!! BIG HUGS


Fran said...

The cookies are YUMMY looking. I know if I was at your house right now, I would eat those cookies. LOL

The snow is beautiful, just as it should be on Christmas.
My husband and I are off to Texas in the morning.

Aunt Pitty Pat's said...

Oh my goodness...look at all those lovely cookies. I just love the smell of baking cookies:o) Aweeeee!!!
Happy New Year.