Saturday, December 6, 2008

reindeer games!

Check out this Vintage Rudolph cartoon from 1944~ make sure you go down and click my playlist off first!

This morning I looked around at all the christmas decorations that I have out and realized that I had quite a few little reindeer tucked in and around the house! So I thought Id play some reindeer games and take their pictures.. (cause like, I really have nothing better to do!! eiy yieyie!) Anyways.. enjoy the pics.. and the video! do you have any reindeer? post pictures of your reindeer too!

ok.. have a great weekend! I'm off to my craft room! stay warm, its only 19 degrees here! burrrr
oh and its my daughter Bethanys 23rd birthday today! happy birthday gert!


Carla said...

How cute they are! I have a couple but they are all still packed. Loved the cartoon. Very different than what we are used to today.

Malissa said...

I don't have any reindeer:( I love yours though. I think I have a lot of snowmen. Funny what you seem to collect that you did'nt even know you were collecting!

Anonymous said...

I love the little redheads in the sleigh. Reminds me of my little redheads!

I didn't get out a lot of my reindeer this year. I have a cast iron one I love.

I have some flat wooden reindeer that come apart for easy storage. A friend made them, and he is gone now. He used to make me fudge every Christmas. How I miss him! And his fudge!

kathy said...

VIV all your little reindeer buddies are so cute - Both videos are priceless . the first made me laugh the second sent me down a nostalgic road -- Thinking of early Christmas movies and cartoons of my childhood - Thanks for the memories -kathy -Ga

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

They are all so sweet. I have not decorated yet will start this week. I am going to make the brownies for a Christmas get together at Church the 14th. I hope this week is at work is less stressful. I am wishing you have a fun filled week...m..

Kai said...

WOW! You have a HERD of reindeer! That old Mr. Claus has NOTHING on YOU! And you have some real cuties! I've been back twice to 'visit' and look at each one!

Cathy said...


Just loved that Rudolph commercial and all those adorable reindeer in your collection. TOO DARN CUTE!