Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I hit a deer on my way home tonight!

I just thought Id do a quick post.. I wanted to show you the memory orders that I finished and to tell you that I hit a freaken deer on my way home from work tonight! GOOD GRIEF!!!! man does that suck.. for the deer and for me..........

Broke the piece that holds the headlights and smashed the headlights and the piece underneath it on the passenger side.. that darn deer all of a sudden just appeared! ticks me right off I tell ya! I couldnt find the deer, but hes got to have one messed up leg or hip! there was a nice bunch of deer fur stuck to my car, but no blood.. I hope the poor thing survives. but I'm so not happy about my car!!!!!! DARN DARN DARN!!
So anyways.. these santa stars are made of a womens husbands flannel lined jeans. She bought memory bears last year after her husband died and wanted a little something to put on her families christmas trees for this year, so this is what we came up with. I havent heard how they went over. I hope her family liked them.

I learned something about myself this past weekend.. and that is that , if need be, I can make 9 bears from start to finish in two days and evenings! I do have to say I busted my butt, but I did manage to have them done by 10:45 sunday night and ready to deliver on monday morning!

The woman who these bears represent died this summer.. her brother ordered the bears. He told me today that there wasnt a dry eye in the house when he gave out the bears last night. And, his sister in law called me at work this morning to thank me and to ask me to make 3 more. Im glad that the bears help to make people feel close to who ever it is that they lost. sometimes its just so sad seeing the pain that people are faced with when they have lost someone they love so much. But somehow, i usually feel a little closer to the people afterwords. When I make the bears I try to imagine what the person was like and I think about how much the people who will recieve the bears loved them. I dont know why, but its just something I do. Ok.. enough about the bears..
I am tired.. and a bit upset about the stupid deer! so I'm going to make a cup of tea and sort out magazines and look for some valentine inspiration!
have a sweet night!


Debb said...

Viv, your lucky about thedeer ,my son hit one a long time ago it died but it did a flip and went through his wind shield, Just missed his neck, he called the cops this was at 2 in the morning .they didn't get there till 4 he set in the cold. But he wasn't hurt. Glad to hear you wasn't hurt.
love Debb

Lori said...

Viv, i am glad that your accident wasn't worse than that!!! your memory bears are adorable, and i think that making them is just the sweetest idea...i am sure they bring a lot of comfort and joy to those who receive them:)

Aunt Pitty Pat's said...

Oh Viv, I am so glad to hear your ok. Yes Poor Deer.. but thankfully your ok and not hurt!!!! Those Deer accidents can be bad. I love your little Santas a Bears they are so cute :)
I hope you have a Safe and Happy
New Year.

Susan said...

Viv, so sorry about the deer accident. Debb is so right it could have been much worse. Sorry about your car, too. Your memory bears are such a touching idea. How in the world can you get so many of them done? Rest up and take care. Susan

Sandy Michelle said...

Lori man, you are sooo lucky that you didn't get hurt! It could have been much worse.I have heard that the deer shoots out of nowhere and causes lots of damage to the car! Anyway, those bears are a sweet idea and if I were making them- i would be shedding a tear now and then.I hope you have a wonderful new years celebration!

Love ya!

Missy Ballance said...

What a sweet story! ABout the bears. I'm always nervous I will screw up an heirloom bear, so I've never done one, but I never thought of the flip side, where people are so thankful and greatful. And how you really can make them feel better! Go you! NINE! virtual high five from me :)
xoxo Missy

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

I am so glad you were not hurt!!!! I am sorry about your car.

I do so love your bears and all the people you are helping with them. You are a very special person my Friend!!! Happy 2009...m..

Carla said...

Wow, sorry about your car and the poor deer! Sure happy you are alright. The bears are wonderful as usual! The santa's are cute too. I wish I had kept some of moms clothes to do that with. Wonderful idea.

Libby Buttons said...

You are one busy lady! So sorry about the deer. That always shakes one up emotionally.

snowflakesoneyelashes said...

Oh yea, them deer are a pain...i must see 10 a day on the side of the road everyday..you would think they would all get together and have some sort of deer conference and talk about traffic safety!!!Love those Santas, and what a nice idea! Happy New Year!

Ashley Dumas said...

First of all I love your blog and your crafts : ) I acutally clicked over here because I saw a comment that you left at Tomato Soup Cake awhile back where you mentioned that you 'saw' her girls. I suppose that might mean that you know her in real life. At the risk of sounding stalkerish, have you heard from her lately. A few good friends of mine and I had really been following her lovely blog when she 'disappeared'. We were all really hoping that she is ok. If you could respond to this comment that would be great! Her other concerned blog followers are Ganidea, Grammy Dianne, Christy Fritz and me Ashley Dumas...

Anyways I look forward to hearing any news about Diane and her family.

My blog is invitation only, however if you want an invite you can simply email me your email at

Anyways I am glad to have found your blog, I am sure I will return again!

Bye for now,


AwtemNymf said...

Awwwww- poor deer, poor car and you must be shaken! I'm glad that YOUR okay though! *hugs you tight*
Those bears are super darling!
Have a safe & Happy New Year Vivvy!
Hugs & Faerie Dust!!

Julie said...

Viv - I am so glad you are okay! A deer can really do some damage depending on what kind of car you drive! I also hit one a couple of months ago. When I saw it - running towards me in the woods - I laid on my horn the same time I slammed on my brakes and thankfully it made him turn more North (the direction I was going) - but he still ran in front of me. By that time - my front bumper scooped him up onto my hood. When I stopped - he jsut slid off - jumped up and ran away! I sat there in my car...panting and convinced I was gonna vomit!!!

The Santa's and the bears are just adorable!!!

bojojoti said...

Deer can be such a menace to a car--or your life! I'm glad you weren't hurt, and I hope the deer is recovering.

Your memory bears are wonderful.

Viv (VivLyn) said...

Sorry to hear about your accident! Glad to hear you're okay though. Your little bears are just the sweetest and what sweet memories they hold!