Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I'm going nuts without my computer! I finally called and left a message this morning.. I didnt hear back from him yet though. I'm tryinig to be patient.. I know they just lost their son and are struggling and I dont want to put any pressure on him.. well, I do.. but I wont.. you know what I mean. I really need my computer though.
well thanks for sticking with me... sorry I've been so whinny and boring...

some good news though! I lost another 3.2 pounds last week.. for a total of 26.8 now! woohoo!!
I have all my swaps done.. and most of them out in the mail.. two left going out in the morning.
My house is all decorated. no tree yet though. maybe this weekend. I cant believe there are only 22 days til Christmas! I still have a bit of shopping to do. I dont feel like I have a great handle on it this year.. (the shopping) I'm not even sure what to give anyone.. I do have my girls done. I havent even bought any christmas cards.. and honestly I'm not sure I'm going to send any this year. isnt that pitiful? who knows.. maybe I will at the last minute.
well I suppose I should head back down stairs.. I think I'm going to eat something!
dont worry just a weight watchers fudgicle! only 1 point!
have a great night.. I miss you all!!
oh my poooooooorrrrr bloggggg.... I feel like I'm neglecting it.
When I get back up and running again.. I will post a perfect christmas giveaway!
see yous later!!


kathy said...

VIV > so glad to hear from you -- How wonderful losing 26 lbs - esp at this Holiday season - I am a slacker in that . We do miss ya so much -- I am not sure what to buy - either ??? -- and also have not done decorating or cards -- Everything is great with my family, so no excuse there -- I am just not ready --Never had it sneak up on me this fast lol --
I really am still back at Halloween - GOt my 12 day swap out -- wow that one was hard -- So hop my addition will be ok -- Blessings - KAthy - ga♥

Persuaded said...

Awww.... poor Viv! We shore do miss ya out here:(

Congrats on the weight loss though... I have been getting up every morning and doing one of those walking videos, which may not sound like much but it's huge for me;)

Kai said...

Yes, yes, yes! You NEEEEED your computer back because we NEEEED our VIV back! I'm having kitty withdrawal symptoms, too! I want to see those lil' cuties! CONGRATULATIONS on the weight loss! YOU ROCK! (Had to grin at Kathy's comment! That 13 days of Halloween swap was FUN! But it took some serious thinking and planning. I loved it, tho'!) Anyway, I'm looking forward to you getting back to your REGULAR blogging! Still - it's AWESOME seeing you post! LOVE YOU!

Merci-Notes said...

Congratulations Viv! This is a wonderful accomplishment.. gee, is that a big enough word for all of the hard work and re-directing that is needed to accomplish such a feat? Well, Well done!
I bet you feel great!

With Kindness,

Fran said...

CONGRATS! on the weight lost!! YOU ROCK!!! Hope you get your computer back. Computer withdraws are no fun. I haven't been on my computer much of late. I did finish the deadline for the 5 dolls. WOOOHOOO!!! Now on to other creations.
Can't wait for your computer to be fixed and seeing all your Christmas pictures, etc.

Zan Asha said...

Hey Viv! Hmm, really, neglecting your blog? You post more than I DO, and my computer's fine!!!

Sounds like you are having a very busy time. I hope your computer gets fixed soon--but until then, enjoy the NON-COMPUTERIZED world ;)

Hey, you never did tell me where in NY you are--we must visit each other one day! :D

barbara burkard said...

....such a fun month!

Creative Breathing said...

The crying is even louder out here Viv! Hurry back with lots of decorating photos, and elves! We want to see your elf swap! E