Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ive been keeping a secret!

well, its really not a secret.. just something that Ive been meaning to tell you about for MONTHS! YOu know the little trips ive been taking with natalea and sandy and the other girls to Niagara on the lake and Nataleas valentine teas?

Well weve put a little magazine together.. well I say we, but really, Sandy put a magazine together and were all in it! its so cute and they are for sale at Sandys blog if your interested. I love looking through it! such a fun reminder of good times!

Should you be interested, you can expect to find just how we put together our little retreats.. everything from start to finish, there are tutorials (mine on needlefelting) there are snippets about wrapping pretty packages, special foods... decorating... etc!
Sandy did a great job on this and Im proud to be part of it! anyways, if your interested and want to order a copy.. hop over to Sandys site and theres a place to buy it right at the top of her side bar!
OK.. I feel better now that I've done that.. like i said Ive been meaning to tell you about it for months!
now.. its hi ho hi ho.. and Off to work I go...
in the snow... in the snow.. in the snow!!
joy joy joy... (NOT!)


A Vintage Chic said...

What fun, Viv! Looks beautiful--I'm off to check it out!

Be safe in the snow, my friend!


Astridbears said...

Hi Vivian,
thtat´s fine, I´m pleased for you!!

Jenny Stevning said...

Good stuff! How exciting!

Mica said...

you go girl!!! em em GIRLS!!! Way cool and how fun you got to get together with them for retreats...hugs Mica

Julie said...

Oh Viv - that is so cool!!! Congrats!!

Pieceful Bits said...

Oh how fun!!!

Dolly said...

No secrets amongst friends!!!!!
We will forgive you this time because I know its gonna be sweet!

Thank you Viv,
I am so excited for you girls!

Smiles, Dolly

Nancy said...

Already have it and you are is wonderful!!!
XO Nancy