Wednesday, February 9, 2011

valentine swappies show and tell

I have been swapping with my friend Kelly (kelbug on flickr) for over a year now for every holiday. we have the best time with it. I love thinking of something special to make for her and then receiving what ever special thing she has made for me! Look what she sent for valentines day! I love love love him! I've had pigs in my brain lately, so this was so perfect for me!

and the little heart ornie and kitten valentine ornies as well are sooo freaken adorable!

couldn't be happier then a pig in mud! (just had to say that.. you know how I am!)

Then I did a couple Valentine swaps through Elizabeth's Dolly Dingle valentine swap. I swapped with Cheryl comfort and she sent me this amazing valentine. I love seeing it hanging on my tree. look at the little bow and the little quiver and arrows!
from elizabeth front side
Then of course I had to swap with our blogger darling Elizabeth herself! How cute is this valentine with the tiny teddys!! Its always a treat to recieve anything from E in the mail.

I failed to take pictures of the valentines that I made. duh!!

Then theres this sweet little valentine girl made by Rella of faeriluna for a swap hosted by thimbleprimstudio. she has the softest doll hair Ive ever felt! thank you Rella! and again.. I forgot to take a picture of the doll I made! slipping here arent I?
I'm excited as I still have few more things to look forward to in the mail, a couple valentines and a package from Debra Schoch!
Okeedokie! once again.. off to work I go! Not looking forward to the weekend as much as I normally do because I'm on call this weekend and all next week. I'll be praying for a VERY quiet weekend! I want to start easter crafting this weekend... oh the things dancing around in my head!
see yas later!


Jenny Stevning said...

Yes...I am in LOVE with that sweet pig! LOVE!!!!!!

Kai said...

O.M.G.! You must have the HAPPIEST mailbox of anyone I know! (And - LOL! - you must have a mail carrier with a SERIOUS hernia!) I ADORE that lil' smiling piggy! ALL the cards are wonderful! And that dolly is FABULOUS! I'm SO glad you received all those pretties! I always say it & always MEAN it - you DESERVE pretty, happy things! LOVE YOU!

Cindy Marquis said...

What cute Valentine's things. I love all of them!

LiBBy said...

OMGosh that Pig is cute ( even without lipstick). Hey Vivvy..everytime I visit your blog and the music comes on my dogs jump up and start barcking. It scares the crap outta me. hahahaha!
luv LB

Farmchick said...

Cute little piggie. :) Love all the Valentine goodies. Come say hi!!

Angela said...

That pig is soooo cute! I love it, too! Makes me want to get out the paper mache again! I'm having so much fun seeing everyone's valentines. I'm a bit slow sending mine out to my friends so hopefully they will forgive me!

Tracy Suzanne said...

Just stopping by to peek in on you. Did you have a good weekend last week. Hope it will be a fun one this week too. You've gotten the cutest Valentine goodies. I look at my sweet card from you everyday. I can't wait to see all you've got in mind for Easter.

Love ya, Tracy :)

Pieceful Bits said...

Such cute Valentine gifts...I agree anything from E is a treasure.
Happy Valentines Day

Creative Breathing said...

Oh my gosh Vivian have I ever missed my Vivian fixes! All the cute things to be found here make me smile from ear to ear! And the magazine! Another OMG! Vivian, just the thought of you creative women at your get togethers is wonderful, but to actually see it in a magazine in person is just too goo to be true! I'm headed right over for Vol. 1 with advanced hopes for Vol. 2! Super terrific quiet weekend wished for you! E

Fran said...

Cute Piggy. GOSH! I just love looking and reading you blog. It's been awhile. All your wonderful Valentine stuff you have around. WOW! Way To Fun!!! :-)