Sunday, February 6, 2011

tea time at Nataleas!

(picture borrowed from natalea!)
SO... this weekend was Nataleas valentine teaparty weekend. we had such a good time!

two beautiful friends!
jenny and sandy

nat and her mom
natalea and her mom

nats tea party
Lots of REALLY awesome food!! natalea really is a great hostess.

I need to not eat for a month!
jen and nat
there were gifties for everyone from everyone. we each made up little gift packges for each other!
opening gifties!
arent they all gorgeous!? I was so glad that nats mom Ludonna came too!
sandy's awesome dolls
LOL!!! sandy made us each one of these dolls! Check out the one she made me! I'm holding a little baby torry pie doll!!
sandy with her doll
we all got such a kick out of these dolls.
nat with sandys doll
Sandy really went above and beyond.. but thats Sandy for you. ♥
jenny with sandys doll
She gave us these big choc lips too.
Arent these the most wonderful dolls!?

from nat
These were all from natalea. she made the sweetest little ornaments and them filled out packages up with so many other sweet things as well...
from ludonna
HEr mom Ludonna made this great paper ornament.. (can you see where nat gets her talent from?)
from Jenny
I didnt get a good picture of what Jenny gave us, but it was a bag full of goodies with the sweetest little heart flower in a pot!! I posted it in black and white cause my colors were so off in the picture that you couldnt make it out.. (look at the other girls blogs anyways, they have so many better picures then I!) I LOVE the sweet little things that Jenny makes.
at dinner.. sandy got a buzz!
we went out in a snowstorm to downtown buffalo for a great dinner, good food and LOTS of outrageous laughing!
at dinner
we also crafted these awesome mandalas. I had never made anything like this before and brought mine home to finish up, but here are some pics of them all.
they are all so pretty! mine is the one in the middle.. needs some more work! We stayed up late chitchatting, story telling and laughing ! Then this morning Natalea made us eggs benedict! OH soo good!

Anyways.. I am exhausted and am going to bed as soon as I get a drink of water and shut this computer off.. I'll do some blog hopping tomorrow.. so see you all then! geez.. I'm so tired that Im afraid most of this that I just typed might not make any sense... Oh well.. im posting it anyways and will reread it in the morning !

nightie night all!


Valarie said... looks like you had a blast. I love the sweet dolls, too funny. xxoo Valarie


FUN, FUN, FUN!!! Those dolls are so cute!!! Great time for all. Who doesn't enjoy time with friends.

BucksCountyFolkArt said...

SWEET! I need to see my girlfriends again. It's been too long!

LiBBy said...

Good times and Good friends. Great! Love your doll Grandma!

kathy said...

VIV< SO GLAD you had a great time - NAtalea -- a great hostess -- YOu guys made the cutest things -- Hugz all around - KAthy - GA ♥

Cindy Marquis said...

How lucky you are to have such a fun group of crafty friends! Everything looks wonderful.

Linda said...

Love your blog! I know you had a wonderful time at Natalea's!!!

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Oh My Goodness!!! Thank you for taking all these pics to share with us. I can't get over all the lovliness.
So glad you and your gal pals had such a wonderful time.
Mary Lou

Rella said...

How fun!! and those dollies are so cute. I love that you are holding your little baby cake boy!! So cute. And how lovely was the table and goodies. Thank you for sharing your fun time with the girls.

xox Rella

Linda said...

These dolls are just super. I just love them! Terrific and so nice that you shared them with everyone. Thanks. Linda

natalea said...

that was such fun!! thank you so much for coming down!! xox nat

Sandy Michelle said...

I had a blast! It was great seeing you again Viv!!!


Kai said...

That looks like the MOST fun EVER! I'm SO glad you had an awesome weekend! You deserve ALL happy times!!! Muuuuuuaaaahhhh!

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

What a very ♥felt day!

suzeeez said...

Wow I am sooooooo jealouse! It looks like you all had such a great time. Love all the valentines party ideas. I adore those sweet little personalized dolls. :o) Sue

Stephanie said...

what you ladies can do with tinsel and pipe cleaners is inspiring

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

WOW!!!!! This is wonderful news. hugs...m..

Tracy Suzanne said...

Gee, that looks like is was a blast Viv. It's so great that y'all all get together. And the food and gift goodies ~ oh' my!

martha brown said...

Oh, it looks like so much fun! (maybe I'll invite myself next year :)