Saturday, February 5, 2011

yummy yummy yummy

I've got love in my tummy!

yummy yummy yummy ..
Finally the weekend again... I love my weekends. Today I'm going
HERE.. (make sure you click there!)
to hang out with some girls that if not for the wonderful world of cyber space I wouldnt know!
and I'm so glad I do know them, cause they are all awesome fun girls!
I'll be spending the night at Nataleas, she only lives an hour away, but its a pajama party! crafting, eating.. hanging out.. cant wait. I made these cookies this morning to bring to nats...
piggy 3
and.. yes, I've already eaten 4 of them for breakfast!
piggy 2
OINK OINK! I told you I was going to make a little pig the other night while watching american idol and I did,,, but, I dont like him. he just didnt turn out like I imagined him. I think he looks like a cow! oh well.. he is what he is! and we are what we eat... so I must be a cookie!
LOVE cookies
yup.. thats why I'm so damn sweet!
have a great weekend my awesome bloggy buds!!


LuLu Kellogg said...

Have fun and take lots of pics!!!


Astridbears said...

mmmh very sweet!
have fun on the party and a wonderful weekend

A Vintage Chic said...

Oh, so cute, Viv! Love the hearts--and I think your piggie is adorable!

Hope you have so much fun this weekend--sounds like a blast!


Terri said...

oink oink love the pig! Sounds like a good time for all. Where is this gathering meeting?
I know in the summer you meet in OC. That's about two hours from me. We need to meet up one day. Have a great time! Hugs, Terri

Cindy Marquis said...

Awww..he looks so cute. Have a good time!

Sandy said...

Have a fantastic time with your BESTIES! Nummy num....I'll have a bite of your pinky wink cookies.
xoso Sandy O

Kai said...

HAVE THE BEST TIME EVER! I know you will! And, Viv - I received the card & already have it hanging in my bedroom. SOOOOOO much pretty pink goodness! THANK YOU! MUUUUUUAAAAAAHHHH!

martha brown said...

Those cookies look so yummy! I wish that I was there !!

Nan said...

Love those cookies and all those pretty Valentines below too. I love it when you said the pig/cow is what he is. I was into felting myself but haven't done much lately. I made one pretty good pink bear, a dog and a couple penguins and that's about it.

Lisa said...

Oh! You are going to have so much fun! Please take lots of pictures so we can all live vicariously through you.
I LOVE your little piggy! He is so sweet and reminds me of my fat little female yorkie for some reason. Who knows...

LiBBy said...

Big girl PJ parties are the best! Have fun and if there any cookies left know where to find me!

Dolly said...

Mmmm Viv those heart cookies look yummy!

Have a great time with the girls!


Susan said...

They look so good. I'm sure I cant just eat one!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Tracy Suzanne said...

What a fun, fun weekend you have planned. And oh' my gosh, what a bunch of beautiful crafts y'all have. You really make Valentines fun. I'm aching for those cookies for breakfast right now. Boy do you stay busy. I so wish I was there with y'all but I'd be lagging way behind the talent of you three.

Vivian, thank you so much for my Valentine card. I got it out of the box last night and loved it. That's the first Valentine I've gotten in years and it couldn't have been any prettier. Your the best!!!

OOOXXX's...Tracy :)

Now go have fun and don't forget the pictures.

Jacqueline said...

Okay Viv...what in the world do you do with all these cute critter you create? You are awesome...I love those two mouse girls.

What fun to have a play time. I'm all about that. Come and see my little shop. It's one week old. That offer still stands...don't forget me. You would fit in perfect!

Love sent...It's a rainy day in Washington. About ready to buy a canoe!