Friday, October 7, 2011

flowers with a special message!

someone sent me flowers today!

Have any of you figured out that there is a never ever a dull moment in my life?? Its a crazy world I live in! Arent these flowers pretty? They were delivered to me at work today, which was quite a surprise!
I got two phone calls, not unusual as my kids call me ALL the time at work. which is fine.. anyways, beth called and wanted to know what time I would be home today. I told her after 5:00 and asked why she wanted to know. she said "no reason".. I asked her if she needed me for something and wanted me to get out earlier and she said no. I kept asking why and she kept saying "no reason." So I kind of figured she was cooking something up at home.

a big surprise for me!
Then I got a phone call from my son Tony. Also wondering when I would be home from work. WEIRD! so this just reinforced the thought that something was up with the kids, but I was thinking like .. its really nice out, maybe they were getting pizza and stuff and coming over for a bon fire or something... He told me he was thinking about coming over later and just wondered... Anyways.. I was totally not expecting to receive flowers at work... And I was TOTALLY NOT EXPECTING TO SEE WHAT WAS WRITTEN ON THE CARD!!

I was sooo flabbergasted I practically fell over I tell ya! I gasp so loudly people turned to look at me! then I yelled Oh MY GOD I'M GETTING ANOTHER BABY!!! though the people that were around me were people that dont know me, as I was just in the front of the building picking up the flowers where they had been delivered! At least this time I didnt yell "oh my god I'm getting a little black baby!" that is what I yelled when bethany told me she was pregnant! lol! (and that was a very happy statement, just in case that sounded a little off to anyone! lol!)

tony and vanessa.....
so anyways.. I now have two babies on the way!

Tony and vanessa's....

and robert and tiffany's!



oh.. I almost forgot.. I'm making something special tonight for my halloween giveaway.. I'll post about it tomorrow! I promise!


Holiday Sparkle - Cyndi LaChance said...

Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!! How exciting. They are lucky grandkids indeed to have you as the grandma.

GARAGE SALE GAL ~ Deb's Earthly Delights said...

WOW...and Congrat's!!! How blessed you ARE!!!
Very pretty fall flowers that you received!

LuLu Kellogg said...

*THROWING CONFETTI* YIPPEE!!! Congrats! You are truly blessed!!

The flowers are gorgeous and what a great way to let you know about the wee one!


Kim K. said...

Doing the "snoopy dance of joy" for you!!! Congratulations!!!!

Sandy said...

OH BOY!!!!!! Or GIRL!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy for you!!!!!! :) Sandy

Cindy said...

Viv, congratulations! You are one lucky grandma to have such a bunch of accommodating kids! Those flowers were a very nice way to let you know.

PS, Stop by my blog to enter into my giveaway. Have a great weekend.

lori ventimiglia said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Grandbabies are wonderful!!!!(If I knew how wonderful I would've had them first)
How blessed you are!! and how blessed to have you for grandma!

Samantha said...

Congratulations! What exciting news...and what a fun way to hear it!

kathy said...

WOW VIV two more !! Multiplies the fun -- my last two at 13 mths and
8 mths so much fun !!!!!!
Congrats and hugs all around - !!
KAthy - ga ♥

Terri said...

OMG OMG Who's the lucky Grandma? That is a pretty special way to find out! Lucky you! Hugs, Terri

My Favorite Things said...

Congratulations Vivian ~ Babies are the BEST! ~ Kim

Kai said...

WOOOOHOOOOO! Just THINK how many sweet lil' cheeks you can poke & how many wonderful lil' necks you can nuzzle. Sigh! Lucky Viv!!!! And, MORE to the point, LUCKY grandchildren! What a terrific grandma to have!!! LOVE YOU! (I am ALSO about to email you because guess what came in my mail yesterday?)

Fran said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Love those Grand babies. The flowers are lovely. What a wonderful family you have.

Fran said...

OOOO!!! Your Halloween Give Away!!! Can't wait to see what it is.

Scrap for Joy said...

Congratulations Viv! We already know that being a Grandmother is the best thing since sliced you'll just be spreading that love around even more! I think your office looks great! I think if we can surround ourselves with things that make us smile at work it makes our day go a little easier. I'm sure your job is pretty stressful!
Have a sunny weekend!

kandeland said...

You crack me up!! I wish I could have been there when you read the card! Congrats grammie! You are getting a full house fast! I bet tow years ago you'd never imagine this! Have a good weekend, xoxo nat

Debby said...

Oh how exciting and how cute they sent you flowers. We had three grandchildren born each 6 weeks apart. When the third one said they were pregnant we thought they were kidding. It has been like having tripletts. So funny about yelling you were having a little black baby.

Rhissanna said...

Heh! Congratulations! And what a nice gesture.

Lynn said...

Congratulations! I am so excited for you!! What a blessing!! To have 3 grandbabies within 2 years!Whoo Hooo for you!!

Maija said...

Congrats Viv!!! You kids are wonderful to think of you with such pleasure!!!

Anonymous said...


I probably won't have a grandchild until I'm too senile and decrepit to enjoy it. And you have three! WAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Never mind me. I've had baby fever for 20 years now. :D


Jingle said...

Congratulations! What a fun way for them to let you know!