Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday morning chit chat!

Good morning sunshines! my dad used to say that when I got up in the morning. though of course it was just good morning sunshine as there is only one of me.. duh! He also used to bring donuts home and tell me he brought something to sweeten my disposition! probably why Im so fat now.. ive been trying to keep my disposition sunshiney and sweet all these years!!! LOL! we can always blame our parents for all of our faults!

yeah! its the weekend again! Im on call though.. so girls.. pray for a quiet weekend .. K? I dont have any other plans really. I try not to make any for the weekends I'm on call. I will most likely stick close to home and work on a little project I have going for vanessa of fanciful twist's halloween party on next sat. That and I want to start planning my daughter in love Tiffanys baby shower.
I'm very excited because next weekend I'm going to ohio for the weekend to stay with my flickr pal Kelly (kelbug). I know we'll have a great time. she is sooooo creative. I'll be sure to take pictures.. she has a great halloween collection! Shes also throwing a ghoals night party while I'm there with a bunch of her girlfriends. I'm making them all treats.. so they dont play any tricks on me! lol!

So I took these pics this morning of some of the halloweenies around my kitchen. The pics are dark. I just dont get great lighting in my house. dont mind the unpainted top of this shelf above! I'm lazy I guess and only painted the parts we would see, as this shelf is up high around two of my kitchen walls. I love decorating the shelves for holidays. well, you know me.. I like to decorate everything for the holidays!

Girls.. I'm not doing well with that stupid losing weight deal.... how about yous?? anyone taking it serious? I just keep eating.. every... thing... in ... sight!!! OINK OINK OINK!! I gotta stop the madness! lol. Speaking of food.. Im dying for a big pot of chicken and bisquits! I think that will be a good meal to make on sunday when the kids all come over.. though bethany hates chicken! I'll have to make a little something else for her. can you imaging hating chicken? I could pretty much eat chicken every meal! (maybe shes' not really my kid!)

Dont forget I'm doing the giveaway in the post below, but I'm still counting comments on this post too. so if you comment here , you'll get counted again for another chance! I'll draw a winner tonight and mail out tomorrow.. well, at least thats my plan. I'm pretty bad about getting myself to the post office!

All my animals are wild this morning .. figgy and frannie are running around like maniacs! and buffy, (thankfully has stopped laying eggs for the time being! She had laid 5 altogether.) she finally is back to her noisey chattering old self.. "good morning buff! whatcha doing? peek aboo! com'ere, here ya go, awww buffy.. and lots of whistling!" There are two eggs left in the cage but she is pretty much ignoring them now, so I can take them out tonight or tomorrow, whenever I get to cleaning her cage. I didnt like her having eggs, because she quit being playful and wanted to sit on the floor on her eggs! silly ol bird!

OK.. so enough chit chat.. I do have to get ready for work.. still need to shower and pack a lunch or somesort and feed all the animals. including the big white kitty outside. I really wish my husband would say I could keep him.. but we usually end up argueing about him. he tells me to stop feeding him and he'll go away.. but I can not stop feeding him... I'm still working on a plan to bring him in. figgy loves him.. frannie hisses at him. We'll see what happens.. hubby may move out if I bring that cat in.

OKeedokie darlings.. see yas later!



LuLu Kellogg said...

I am just swooning over all your Halloweenie things! I want to come play at your house in all that magic!

Here's to hoping you have a quiet weekend on call and you can create your little heart out!


Jean G. said...

Hi Viv,love, love love all your decorations! You do such a great job with all the holidays! About the big white cat just bring him in, hubby will get over fast! How do I know this? I had a mama kitty and 4 kittens in my yard ,who now live in house after my hubby said no way! It took him all of 15 minutes to get over it!

kathy said...

LUV !! LUV !!! your decorations !!!
so so adorable !!!!
Hope you have a great weekend !!!
Blessings - Kathy - ga ♥

Cindy said...

So many cute Halloween things! I love them.
Have a great weekend! Hope it's quiet and you don't eat too much of the chicken and biscuits :)

Debby said...

Your house is so cute with all that Halloween goodness. Good luck with the week-end.
Coming to Ohio.....wonder how close.....sounds like you will be busy.

Jane said...

Wow, no tricks - just wonderful treats for our eyes looking at all your great Halloween decorations! Will have to come back and look around some more!
Glad you're still feeding the white cat :) We have 2 indoor cats + a few more outside that we feed. Figure they help keep the snakes away :)

Kai said...

First of all, you make me GRIN! Grinning is a GOOD THING! 'Specially first thing in the morning! Second, I've never SEEN so many darling Halloweenies! I'd scroll down, pause to look, then holler, "That's my favorite!" only to scroll down ANOTHER bit, pause to look, and holler, "NO! THAT'S my favorite!" Scroll. Pause. Holler. Repeat! Weight loss? What's THAT? I mean, during the HOLIDAY months? NOT MEEEE! BWAHAHAHAHA .... oops. Bad Kai. LOVE YOU, Viv, and I will FINALLY be mailing your belated bd giftie either Tuesday OR Thursday morning. (Did you just faint? Sigh.) Have a FUN weekend, & I am keeping my fingers crossed that no one from work bugs you!

Perfectly Printed said...

Your Halloween decorations are terrific!1 I think my favorite family Halloween story is trick or treating with my 5 girls in raining. And of course we had to keep going!!

Enjoy the weekend.


Creative Breathing said...

Oh my gosh Vivian! You have so many cute decorations! Here I am wondering where I will store all the ones I have made for this year, and they are only 1/10 of what you have. Rubbermaid must love bloggers! Have a quiet weekend! E

Kim K. said...

I'm scrolling up and down soaking up all your Halloween goodness. I would love a personal tour of all your special items. Here's to hoping for a very very quiet weekend while you are on call!!!

Samantha said...

Love seeing all your Halloweenies! Each one is cuter than the next!

Don't even mention doughnuts! Last weekend I ate 3 (mini) apple cider doughnuts and I can't stop thinking about wanting more. :) They were SO good, but I'm trying really hard not to cheat.

Hope you have a quiet weekend.

A Vintage Chic said...

I LOVE all your Halloweenies, Viv! Your house is decorated to perfection!

Wishing you a peaceful weekend (work-wise!) so you can play!


GARAGE SALE GAL ~ Deb's Earthly Delights said...

Hi Viv,
You have SOME great halloween decorations at your home! It's FUN to see them.
I'm not doing well with eating "healthy" either. I want to and then I just eat junk!!!
I think it's great when you get together with your pals and have FUN creating, visiting and eating!
Happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

I love all those skinny legged pretties.

You sure will miss your husband. :D


Lydia said...

Hi Viv,

Are you driving to Ohio? If so, are you taking Rte. 81 at any point? If so, let's meet for 20 min. somewhere! (Cracker Barrel, and I can bring you to my friend's shop) hahaha...seriously, though:)