Monday, October 10, 2011


veggie baby doll

(a little punkin gourd guy!)

morning girls.. HOpe everyone had nice weekend. we did. stayed home saturday and cleaned, did some baking and some crafting! I also stayed up late cooking two turkey breasts saturday night for sundays dinner..

Oh.. the weather has been absolutely perfectly awesome alllll weekend long and will stay that way for a couple more days!


(crafty pumpkin one of yesterdays projects)

yesterday morning, I had friends over to craft! what can beat that? I started making the little pumpkin gourd guy and finished him this morning and we made these fabric covered pumpkins that country living had featured. they turned out so cute! I have another one to do.. maybe later today.

out the bathroom window!

(pumpkins in the windowbox outside of my bathroom!)

then the kids all came over and we had turkey sandwhiches, potato salad, develed eggs, strawberry pretzel salad, and a giant apple crisp!! yummmy! Ive been eating left overs today... but I've got to stop!!

Im sooo fat!!
loving that hair!

(torry is my pumkin pie!)

Bethany and Torry had pictures done, heres one that I stole from her. isnt my little punkin adorable!? He looks soo serious here. I cant believe that by next summer I'll have two more babies! one in jan and one in june!

kitties in the sunshine

(figgy and frannie punkinheads, find some sunrays!)

I'm home today thanks to mr, columbus, but I havent done anything constructive. I have a ton of laundry to do... I really need to get busy.. I dont know what I have been doing.. probably fiddlefarting around on line.. the internet is such a time eater!

mmm pumpkin scones!

(pumpkin scones! mmmm! thanks Kim!)

I still have to post my halloween giveaway! I did put a few things together but I want to make something else, a cute little pumpkin doll or something. I will post it tonight.. I promise! If I dont hurry up, there will be no sense in doing it all !

I'll be back later!!! have a lovely day!



Kim K. said...

I'm totally lovin your pictures. Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend. The weather was simply amazing in West MI too. Have a fun day with your kitties and your laundry.

LuLu Kellogg said...

Eeeeeeeeeeeek! Look at sweet Torry Pie! He is SO adorable and of course I was doing the happy dance to see pics of Frannie and Figgy!!

Hope you enjoy your day and create something wonderful!


Sandy Michelle said...

Eeek I love that pumpkin guy! Are you selling it? I am tempted to make the toile version of the pumpkin from that Country Living issue too. Your grand son is getting so handsome!

Sandy xox

kandeland said...

love your gourd guy!
Torry looks so grown up now! adorable! xo

Lori said...

Darling Torry and Figgy and Fannie! LOVE your pumpkin guy - just wonderful! Pretty pumpkin, too!

Cindy said...

Torrie is so cute! And so is your fabric pumpkin. I need to see how it's made! Have a great day!

Cottage Panache said...

Hi Viv, thanks for stopping by my blog! I wish I had more time to spend on finding and visiting new to me blogs. Your little pumpkin guy turned out wonderful and I like the pumpkin you did to. Congrats on the future arrival of two more little punkins. Your first is too adorable!
Maureen :o)

kathy said...

Torry is adorable, so so cute !!! I have a serious one --who laughs a lot too - Then a totally smiley one all the time !!!!
Love your makins' --and ummm the food sounds so good -- been raining here --didn't stop me from shopping with 40 %off coupon and lots of sale stuff at HOb LOB tho lol
KAthy - ga ♥

Lynn said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful fall weekend. Enjoy your day off!

Debby said...

Cute pumpkin and Gourdy.
But that pictue of Torrie Pie is adorable. He looks like a little man. He sure is handsome.

Kai said...

WHAT HAPPENED?????? Torry looks so grown up! WAAAAHHHHH! I hate all this nonsense about babies growing up. How DARE they deprive us grandmas of the pudgy cheek pinching, the nonsense cooing, the tickling ... sigh. These babies have their nerve! My great grandson turned TWO Saturday. I'm NOT having it! As for the REST of your post, all I can say is I wish I'd been there! And I am working HARD on your VERY late bd gift. I hope to mail it via UPS Thursday morning. I'm GLAD I sent the card ahead so you wouldn't think I forgot you. By the way, I say PHOOEY on the laundry! PLAY some more! LOVE YOU!

lori ventimiglia said...

love your gourd guy, great pumpkins. We should do a swap. I'm working on bears, trying to get the pictures on my blog.

Jingle said...

Oh, your doll is amazing!!! And that pumpkin is just fabulous! AND...that photo of Tory is the cutest I've seen yet! So adorable!

Fran said...

Your felted Punkin is WAY TO CUTE!!! Torry is a real Cutie! He's growing up. Figgy and Frannie are Sweetie Pies. How old are they now? I've been busy making things for an up coming craft show I'm doing with 2 of my daughter in laws.

Samantha said...

Cute Halloween goodies, but your sweet little Torry is cuter! Great picture!!!

Anonymous said...

Torry looks so grown up in that photo! I swear I can see him as a teenager in his face.


Julie said...

Hi Viv - great post. Torry is getting so big!!