Monday, October 10, 2011

halloween giveaway

early evening bike ride!
WEnt for a little bike ride tonight. I havent had my sweet pink bike out much this summer. but tonight was a perfect night for a ride. sure is getting dark early now though. 7:00 was dark. dark like, I had to put my jammies on then. I have a hard time adjusting to it getting dark so early. Makes me tired I think. Dont you love those streamers on my bike? Barb Burkard from 123 lavenderlollipoplane made them for me. she is a doll. I do wonderwhat people think when they see me coming on my pink bike with the streamers and basket.. probably.. "omg.. she is a such a goober!" Really, I think they are jealous that they dont have a peptobismo pink bike with awesome streamers!! I need a pug puppy to ride in my basket! lol!
Ok.. well, I was really coming here on business!

Ive been promising a little halloween giveaway. Im working on another little sumthin sumthin to add to the package as well and by the time I get to the post office who knows what else might find its way into the box. So far its what you see above.
So all comments between now and friday will count. If I post two more times, be sure to comment, because those comments will count too! I'll draw a winner or use the random thingy bob on sat morning.. or maybe friday night. (UHG.. just remembered I'm on call for CPS this coming weekend and next week! blahhhh!)
how about tell me a little halloween story in your comment! I know you have one!
OK.. I'm off to the couch with the kittens!
nightie night blogland!


Jane said...

Hi, Viv! Lots of goodies there - LOVE Halloween! Here's one of my favorite Halloween stories - from way in the past! Eons ago when I was little, our mothers sewed crepe paper costumes for all kinds of school programs & for Halloween too. Well, one memorable Halloween night all the neighborhood kids went out trick or treating, including my big, tough older brother and I. At someone's house they must've left their sprinkler on & my brother didn't see it so he & his costume got soaking wet! Can you picture that soggy, dripping crepe paper? HaHaHa - it was so funny! But he had to run home to change and I had to go with him (since he was my 'protector') so the laugh was on me then as we both missed some of the fun. In case you're thinking, "sprinkler on Halloween?", this was in Florida where it's often still hot then.
So that's my story for you! Would love to win your giveaway, of course!
p.s. The pink bike is very cute!

lori ventimiglia said...

What a wonderful Halloween give away that will be! I love Halloween. I do have a lovely Halloween story, not scarey, just sweet that I will share with pictures, too.

April Mechelle said...

Viv, I love those Halloween things!!! I hope to win! I am catching up on reading blogs! Love the Pink Bike ! Congrats on grandbaby #3 coming along with #2. lol Pick Me Please!!! lol

Pixie said...

what a great giveaway! My fave Halloween story is the year I was about 7 or so and my mom took me trick or treating to the neighbourhood of a co-worker who wsa a bit daft. the lady gave me ALL of her Halloween candy (an paper grocery sack full) and a giant chocolate cat!

Kim K. said...

I'm already spoiled with doing our own special Halloween swap so don't include this comment in the drawing. I just had to say how much I love your precious pink bike. Those streamers add the perfect touch.

Happy Halloween dear friend!

The Cottage Market {Andrea} ♥ said...

hi there! just dropping by and i can't see the halloween pic but i sure see that gorgeous pink bike and YES they are jealous! lol!!!! i mean how cute are those wheels!!!! LOVE IT! thanks so much for sharing! hugs...

suzeeez said...

First of all I love your bike ! For my 50th birthday this year I had my husband buy me an adult TRIKE.... it's blue with a big basket between the 2 back wheels.
It's got a nice wide seat and very cute handle bars. Some of my friends chuckle at it but most people, especially ladies my age think my bike is "cool". I love it and don't care what people think.
Enjoy your pink bike !!

Not a halloween story but can you please enter my name in your give away :o)
Thanks, sue

Peace said...

I'll save my's the one about how I'll be physically restraining my 16 year old daughter from trick or treating one. last. time. please. mom. It's gonna be scary. ;O)She's taller than me.

Cindy said...

Please enter me into your drawing, those goodies look yummy! I don't have any interesting Halloween stories, just lots of good memories of making costumes for my boys and then the trick or treating with them. I can't wait to do Halloween with our grandson!

Jean G. said...

Hi Viv what a wonderful giveaway please count me in! My favorite story involves a talking pumpkin. My best friend had a party. Her house was decorated with all kinds of wonderful vintage decorations(she has a collection to die for). Even her powder room was decked out. On the back of her toilet she had a perfectly placed talking pumpkin. So when a guest used the restroom they were greeted with a very loud "HAPPY HALLOWEEN" and an creepy laugh! It was just too funny to see the looks on their faces when they came out!

Jingle said...

Oh, how very fun! I'm sorry to hear that you are on call - hopefully it will be minimal work, though. I think my best Halloween story is coming this year...The Hubbums is renting a full Batman costume to wear to school (he teaches 8th grade social studies) all day! LOL! It should be interesting, that's for sure!!

Fran said...

Love your pink bike. Love all your Halloween items. WOW! Troy Pie is sooooooooooooo CUTE!! They grow up fast.
OOOOOH! A Halloween Giveaway. GREAT! Love looking at and reading your blog. THE BEST!

Michelle said...

I would be jealous of your cute bike! Let's see, Halloween story...Well my favorite memory is how my mom would have all my friends wear their costumes to my birthday party the week before Halloween making it last longer!

Debby said...

Oh I'd love to win some Halloween goodies.
Love your pink bike.
I also like the colors on your house. I'd love to see more.
Thanks dear.

ImagiMeri said...

Here's my favorite Halloween Poem:

It's Halloween, It's Halloween! The moon is full and bright/ And we shall see what can't be seen on any other night. Skeletons and ghosts and ghouls, grinning goblins fighting duels/ Werewolves rising from their tombs, witches on their magic brooms/ In masks and gown we haunt the street/ And knock on doors for trick or treat/ Tonight we are the king and queen, for oh tonight it's Halloween!
By Jack Prelutsky

Hope this qualifies for the giveaway Vivvie!

Big Hugs,

Lynn said...

Thanks so much for hosting a wonderful array of goodies for the giveaway!!
I guess one of my most favorite Halloweens was when my kids were in elementary school and on the football team and the cheer team.
We decided to host a halloween party for thr football team and cheerleaders, coaches, and their families. We cleaned out our 3 bay garage and got to decorating!! It was so fun!! We have an old 1941 plymonth and my hubby put a skelton in the driver's seat and lined the outside of the car with Christmas lights. This was early 90s before the introduction of Halloween lights LOL! the party was a huge success!! We had an Halloween costume contest with prizes. We played silly games like potato toss, egg toss, egg in the spoon race, three leg races, and of course bobbin for apples. We had a bonfire to roast wiennes and marshmellows and also a cookout of hotdogs and the trimmings for dinner. I have a tape of that night. We set the video camera up in a corner of the garage and just let it run all night so it captured all the happenings in the garage!! Super fun.

Kai said...

First of all, I LOOOOVE your bike! And anyone who DARES think you're a 'goober' better see ME about that. GRRRRR! Your giveaway goodies are typical Viv - FUN, AWESOME, WONDERFUL! I don't want to be in the running for the drawing because I already received such fabulous gifties from you! Let someone else be as lucky as I was the other day!!!! However, I WILL tell you a Halloween story. It isn't about ME, 'cause I never got to go trick or treating. When my daughter was in first grade, she said she wanted to make her OWN costume. Uhhhh ... whatever! It was DEFINITELY one of a kind. She wore a paper grocery bag & asked me for an empty bleach bottle. I always believed in encouraging her sense of creativity so I said okay. I asked what she was going to be. She said it was a surprise! I took her around the street just after dark. Kids REALLY stared at her, but she seemed oblivious. When we got to the corner she started up the walkway. I said, "We aren't going to that house. It's Ms. Gardner's and you KNOW she doesn't like us." She said, "YES SHE DOES! SHE LIKES US NOW!" I said, "Okay, but don't be surprised if she runs us off." She marched herself right on up to the porch & knocked. No answer. KNOCK, KNOCK. Nothing. Just when I was about to insist we leave, the door opened & Ms. Gardner said, "You're bothering me. What do you WANT?" My daughter looked at her glaring face then turned to me. "Mom, you LIED!" she told me. "YOU said the only way that old bleached blonde bag would like us is if we were like HER." OOOPS. I HAD said that to my SISTER in anger after Ms. Gardner had made a nasty comment about 'filthy Indians living in the neighborhood.' My daughter had overheard. I took my daughter's hand and said, "Let's go." It taught me to be more careful about my indiscreet comments. (Note: After I was SURE my child was in bed ASLEEP that night, I called my sister & told her about the evening. We had a SUPER good laugh about the old bag!

Melissa said...

Hey Viv!
You were right when you commented today on my blog that I'm starting to think about Christmas crafting! LOL!
Love that SWEET pink bike! And you give away goodies.....yummy! (I really dig the acorns!)
So here's my Halloween story and it involves a bike....not a pink bike, actually a purple bike.......I rode up to the local grocery store around the second week of October to pick up a few groceries and saw that there was this fantastic sale on pumpkins and not just regular size pumpkins but GIANORMOUS pumpkins so I put the groceries in the basket and of course I had to get a huge pumpkin but then I had to ride back home (1/2 mile) trying to balance the pumpkin with one arm around it while pedaling downhill.......well you know how this story is going to end, don't you? I sailed through the stop sign and missed the turn to my road, couldn't get the bike stopped and wrecked into the ditch all the while clutching onto the pumpkin for dear life.......a few scrapes and canned goods all over the road but the pumpkin came out unscathed! Moral to the story: Don't try to ride a bike downhill while holding onto a big ass pumpkin! :-)

GARAGE SALE GAL ~ Deb's Earthly Delights said...

Hi viv,
Your pink bike is awesome!!! Don't like it getting dark so soon either.
I would LOVE to win your halloween giveaway!!!
I remember when the neighbors would give us homemade treats! Those were so good. Fresh cookies, cider and popcorn balls.
Thanks for having this fun giveaway!

Samantha said...

Cute bike!!! Looks like it makes excercising fun!

Amazing giveaway...I'd love to enter, so I'll give you a funny one from when my kids were little. My younger son was so excited to trick-or-treat one year he was running around like crazy with us trying to explain (in vain) about not running through peoples lawns. He learned his lesson the hard way. When they were done and we herded them back into the car, (of course that was the year we drove to a nicer neighborhood to trick-or-treat:), we realized he had an extra little treat on the bottom of his cute little cowboy boot. Yup...doggie doo. It made for a fun ride home, but an even funner memory, since we never let him forget it. :)
Thanks for the chance!

Anonymous said...

When our children were getting almost too old to trick or treat, we dressed up and went reverse trick or treating. We took bags full of stuff, and went around the neighborhood. When people opened their doors, we gave them stuff! It was lots of fun, but people had a hard time understanding the concept of receiving from trick or treaters!


Nancy D said...

Love your pink fitting for October! When I was in first grade my mom made me a Little Red Riding Hood costume out of felt and my brother(one yr younger) a clown costume. My mom was a great recycler so she saved the costumes for my younger brother and sister. This brother was 5 yrs younger than me and he ended up wearing...Little Red Riding Hood! We have a photo and teased him with it for years.

kathy said...

oops skipping by , need to enter -- wowo VIv amazing goodies !!and who could be cuter than you on a pink bike -"NO ONE !!!"
I love to tell the story of my grandtr - when 2 1/2 at Halloween -
love to play dressup and was excited about Halloween -- not sure yet what it was about . lol looked out the glass storm door at her house --saw some trick-or treaters -- and immediately slammed it in their faces - and said - i no want Hallowinka !!
we laughed til we cried (you know each of us has the cutest grandchildren ever lol ) _Kathy - ga ♥

kandeland said...

Glad you got back on your chopper! I need a bike! (although I prefer the stationary spin bikes)...
Please go ahead and random-generate my name for the drawing! thanks!

kandeland said...

oh, wait...Halloween story...huh. I have no memory.....ok, A couple years ago when Scarlet was 3, and a Care Bear for Halloween, I cried as I watched her approach each door to trick-or-treat cause she looked so grown up. It seems like a metaphor for the competitive way life is...a bunch of kids pushing and shoving to get at the candy...aghh...welcome to the rest of your life kid, I thought. (Could have been the wine I was drinking from my flask that put such melancholy thoughts in my head!) haha! xo

Anonymous said...

You make the most adorable things!


M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Okay, when I was little, two older sisters lived at the end of the street. They both dressed up to give out their candy. One of them had an alligator costume. Somehow the big mouth would open...we then reached in to take our candy. I think that is where my love of Halloween was so fun and unique! : )
P.S. Congrats on expecting grandbaby #3. :-D

BucksCountyFolkArt said...

Hey Viv! thanks for stopping over and letting me know about your give-away. So, you got marshmallow in your hair too huh?! hahaha!!!

My Halloween story is when I was 12, I dressed like the Incredible Hulk (yes, I was a tom-boy, plus, I had a crush on that big green gentle giant!) Anyway, we put some green make-up in my hair and it was so oily it wouldn't come out! I missed three days of school, my mom was washing my hair with stuff that takes car grease off your hands, and it still wouldn't come out. Finally, my Aunt Margie gave me a perm. I knew it was finally clean when I actually heard my hair squeak! After all it went through, I'm surprised it didn't fall out!

lori ventimiglia said...

hey Viv,
Fred is the same bear I was carrying then. I take him everywhere with me. Poor guy has lost so much fur, but he is a wonderful companion.
Still thinking of wHAT we should swap. I love all the lovelies I've gotten from you!!

The Other Side of Me said...

The bike rocks and who cares what other people think. We are getting too old to care!!!
WOW, what a collection of goodies to giveaway. Please count me in you generous goober, you!!


Scrap for Joy said...

Hope it's not too late to throw my hat into the pile for the giveaway. Your decorations are all so cute and clever Viv. Love the felted things you make. My favorite Halloween was the year all of my workmates decided to dress in costume during our lunch break for the afternoon. I dressed as a witch complete with a rubber facemask and long black dress and a great cackle. I scared all of my work pals and then they sent me around to the other offices in our building so I could scare them, too. Nobody guessed who I was. Is that good or bad? Hmmmm!

Leonardrmxe said...

Viv, I love those Halloween things!!! I hope to win! I am catching up on reading blogs! Love the Pink Bike ! Congrats on grandbaby #3 coming along with #2. lol Pick Me Please!!! lol