Saturday, October 29, 2011

Im such a #itch!

witch 1

You thought I was gonna say the "B" word didnt you!

witch 3
no, I was saying.. I'm such a WITCH! witch people witch! not the other~ though some family members or naughty boys I work with may choose the b over the w! I think the boys I work with call me the white devil.

gee whiz.. Im so heartbroken! (NOT) but I would prefer to be the white witch over the white devil! oh well, I'll have to let them know that.

Anyways, yes.. a witch..

witch 2

And I've always been one! heehee But, Im a nice witch... dontcha think?

witch 4

(2 years old in this pic)

I'm off to go shopping with my daughter and her stepdaughter

were going to start gathering party supplies for tiffanys babyshower.

Any one going out to any halloween parties this weekend? I'll be cooking up a little halloween dinner here tomorrow. ok.. off I go!

happy weekend ghoulfriends!


LuLu Kellogg said...

Hi My Ghouliefriend!!

I LOVE these creations!! They just make me smile!

Have fun out shopping! It's 30 degrees here and I am chilly willy!!


Kai said...

You are about the most darling lil' witch I've ever seen! And what a DOLL the little Viv was!!! Love you, & hope you have a FUN, FUN, FUN DAY!

Debby said...

And you are a cute with then and now.
Helping with a party tonight with about 20 elementary kids. I think I am on duty to take care of the two months old.

Cindy said...

What a cute little girl witch! have a great weekend!

Tracy Suzanne said...

Your the funniest witch I know. And I really love your little witch! I think you must be a mix of Glenda and the Wicked Witch of the West. It's too fun to be a bad witch but your too sweet not to be a good witch!


Kim K. said...

Darling pic of you has a toddler. Awesome creations. Have a fabulous weekend,ghoulfriend!

Marlene ~ mIzZ (hONeY) bEe said...

Viv, you are one spooktaclur did a fagtastic job on all of your creating... so wish we lived closer so that we could brew up a batch or two on the cauldron while we're sipping our magic potions... have a bootiful day with the ghouls! and give a hoot with all the goodies that you find..well I'm off on my broom will fly by again real soon... Have a honey I mean a witching good day! ;O) xox

Susan said...

Cute baby picture and I dig you with the green face. Fun little project.

kathy said...

Viv you are a cutie pie --whatever your age -- I delight in the whimsies you make and the whimsy you bring to your blog -- Have a wonderful time sweet bloggy friend - Kathy - ga ♥

Lynn said...

Have a wonderful weekend shopping and Halloweening it!

Suz said...

Those are the greatest! I love the idea of making art with YOURSELF!!! You are not the B word at all...though I know the kids you work with might call you that!!!
But what about Torey Pie? Where is he? And where is my Sunday dose???