Friday, October 14, 2011


ahhhhh.. its friday night! sometimes on friday nights I feel like I could just stay up creating and puttering all night! but tonight, I'm pretty tired! its cool and wet and windy outside, so its extra cozy inside. That is one nice thing about fall.. inside gets cozier!

Ive been looking for a cute halloween teaset for weeks and have had no luck at all. ebay had a few, but they werent what I wanted! I finally decided to buy a set and paint it! I was going to go to vidlers 5 and 10 in east aurora because they sell miniature teasets, but because of road construction I decided not to and ended up in a nearby antique co-op. And for 3.50 I found a perfect set! Its a niagara falls souvenir (is that how you spell that?). anyways, I couldnt sleep last night and at 5:00 am I was wide awake and decided to get started on it!

So far this is what it looks like, but Its not done yet. I'll be up early tomorrow finishing up and touching up! We'll see what the end result is. even in its rough state, I think I like it better then what I was able to find on ebay!

anyways.. On with the real reason for this post.. the winner of the giveaway!

is Joyce from scrap for joy! yippee! Send me your address joyce and if you hurry, I will get it out in tomorrows mail!


ok.. off I go.. sweet dreams everybody!



Kim K. said...

Your tea set is DIVINE! I can see why you couldn't stay asleep and woke up early. Congrats to your winner. Have a "quiet" weekend while you are on-call.

PS. It's blustery/rainy/cold in West MI. Sounds like the perfect day for tea.

Cindy said...

You sure are talented! I would never think to try to paint my own set of dishes. But your set will look great!

Congrats to the winner!

ImagiMeri said...

Congratulations to Joyce...she's such a sweetie. Make sure you give her all kinds of goodies.

Your tea set is adorable Vivvie and all your decorations around your kitchen are just amazing. I bet I could just get inspired by walking in your front door!


GARAGE SALE GAL ~ Deb's Earthly Delights said...

Great idea to make your own halloween tea set and of course, it's looking very sweet!
Congrat's to Joyce!!!
Thanks for having a giveaway!

kandeland said...

congrats to the winner! and isn't it the coziest, windy weekend to stay in??! I'm loving it!
hope you are snuggled up inside doing something crafty! xo

Samantha said...

Congratulations to Joyce!

Love your tea set...what a clever idea to paint your own.

Kai said...

CONGRATULATIONS, Joyce!!!! If you've never before received anything from Viv, you are in for a WONDERFUL surprise. She's fun & FABULOUS & her creations reflect that! Of course, all you need to do is look at that darling tea set & you'll see what I mean! WOW, Viv! AWESOME!!!! Love you, sweet girl!

Paula Clare said...

EEP! VIV! It's adorable! What a great idea! Your vintage cat (my fave halloween icon) is perfect! My inspiration often comes in the wee hours of the morning too...


Anonymous said...

You worked a miracle with that tea set!


Lynn said...

I love your tea set!! Congradulations to Joy of Scrap!!