Tuesday, October 18, 2011

good morning punk'n heads!

halloween treats

"punk'n heads" is a term of endearment when I use it here.. but at work when Im talking about my boys I call them PUNK in heads.. I dont mean it quite as nicely as I do here! But they dont know that. though they would probably rather I didnt call them that anyways! lol!

Do you like these little punkinhead cuppiecakes? They will be going to Kellys with me this weekend.. little treats for her ghoul friends at her ghouls night party!


You know, special K cereal is good for you, low in calories and fat and I really like it. but my serving size equals about 3 of their serving sizes... so whats the point! I may as well eat captain freaken crunch! (im just saying!)

made a little turkey last night. trying to figure out how to make ittybitty ones to put on faux thanksgiving cupcakes! You probably guessed that I will be making fake cupcakes for every holiday now. they look so cute displayed in the kitchen. but I think I need to get another clouche. did I spell that right? I havent seen any lately. but I'll find one.

thinking about turkeys now!

I will make it to the post office on my lunch today to mail out my giveaway to Joyce. and once again I have packaged stuff up with out taking a final picture, there are a couple other things added to her package! okeedokie girlies.. my footsies are freezing and I better move along and get ready for work!

have lovely days everyone!!


oh ps.. I'm dying to see pics from Jenn Hayslips event this past weekend.. if anyone spots pics somewhere.. let me know!

toodle loo!


Kim K. said...

Your faux cupcakes are just too darn cute! My girls have gotten good use out of their ballerina cupcakes for tea parties. How darling is your Mr. Turkey!!

Have a great stress-free day at work (one can hope).

PS. Emma and I are going to decorate Josie's mini haunted castle after work today. The paint is finally dry and I've got big plans to turn it into a miniature Halloween party.

GARAGE SALE GAL ~ Deb's Earthly Delights said...

I thought those were REAL cupcakes! Very nice gift that you are bringing to your girlfriend gathering!
(tad jealous)
Very cute felt turkey too.

Lynn said...

I am in love with those cupcakes! If you decide to sell any, please let me know!! I love cupcakes, real ones and fake ones. I did good losing weight until August and Sept. I but back on 15 lbs of the 60 I lost and I am trying not to put anymore back on. But, I do love a good cupcake!!! The turkey is to cute for words!! I think he will look beautiful on top of a cupcake!!
Have a wonderful week!

Kai said...

You are the BEST faux cuppycake maker, Viv! And - YES, YES, YES!!!! I have my own version of what a serving size of cereal should be. It's definitely NOT what's on the box! LOL! I hope your weekend at Kelly's is 100% pure delight! How could it NOT be? YOU'LL be there! LOVE YOU! P.S. Hold onto your hat. I'll FINALLY be mailing your bd gifty Thursday morning. (Did you faint?) I'm so ashamed to be this late! VEEEERY unlike me, but I really HAVE been sick so I couldn't help it! Honest Injun!

kandeland said...

i just love that turkey...the tail is ingenious! have fun this weekend...I see we are both off to crafty adventures at the same time! we must get together sometime soon...hopefully the next week or two! have a great time in ohio! xo

Linda Ruthie said...

Hi Viv! Thanks so much for popping over to my blog for a visit. I also thought those cupcakes were for eating. They look so yummy!
I love that little turkey and all the cuteness in your previous post. Wishing you a wonderful day!
Linda Ruthie

Creative Breathing said...

Vivian, I am working on my pom pom turkey today and am absolutely enjoying seeing yours come to life. And cupcakes! I think of you as the Queen of them now. Delish looking! Always inspiring, always fun here! E

Sandy Michelle said...

I just love your faux cupcakes! Have fun with your girl friends!!P.S Look out for your belated birthday gift in the mail :)

Sandy xox

Keith said...

I just love your faux cupcakes! Have fun with your girl friends!!P.S Look out for your belated birthday gift in the mail :) Sandy xox