Monday, November 14, 2011

♪♪♫the cat tail blues♪♫♪♪

frannie has the cat tail blues!

I should be posting about the shower.. and I will, but not tonight... Take a look at precious little fuzzy wuzzy Frannie pants tail! its an inch and a half shorter.. and its my fault! after Tiffanys shower saturday, I stepped on her tail... she freaked out and took off leaving the tip and an inch of skin under my foot and leaving herself with an inch of bone sticking out! talk about freaked out.. that would be for both of us.. freaked out...

so I thought hmmm... maybe the skin will grow back over it.. (it was quite a bloody little affair ! I was wiping blood up all through the house!) Anyways.. hoping maybe it would grow back.. but in the back of my mind knowing that it would not and that she should go to the vets. so sunday morning I googled.. " i stepped on my cats tail and the tip came off" and low and behold pages of similar things came up and what I learned was exactly what I feared and that was that she needed a vet.. and would probably need the exposed bone amputated. so I called my friend who works at the vets office and she confirmed that miss fuzzy wuzzy frannie pants needed to be seen today.. and now... her tail is an inch and a half shorter and she is afraid of it! and, I'm sure it hurts.. its twitching and she keeps looking at it like what the f is that!? sooooo, say a little prayer that the twitching will stop and she will not bite the stitches out. please.

and once again, mr figero figgy wiggles, is by her side, kissing her and trying to comfort her. he just rocks! So that is the latest catastropy in my world!

and now.. off to check on the little sweetums.. and then to make a cup of tea and to my craft table!

figgy is very concerned..

ha! I should add to todays story the part about I went to the dentist and had three fillings put in.. three very big fillings... I had a little tiny panic attack there.. (dont do dentist very well) and had a case of the shakes and then afterwords I was soooooo dizzy! weird! but I survived, I pulled up my big girl pantys and even went back to work! its been quite a day!




GARAGE SALE GAL ~ Deb's Earthly Delights said...

Poor, poor kitty :( OUCH for sure!
Said a little prayer for her. Doesn't she have any pain pills???

Sandy Michelle said...

Shoot, if only cats were like rodents an reptiles 'cause their tails are built to disassemble as a way to escape their predators! Poor guy!

P.S Thanks for catching me on that Mary E. mistake!

Sandy xoxx

Kim K. said...

Dang! You and your sweet kitty both need some extra love.

Merci-Notes said...

What A DAy!

I love how your Frannie and Figgy care so much for one another.
I am hoping that all goes well for Frannie. I have literally run up my stairs, arms swing and our cat followed me too close and got socked in the jaw! This has happened twice. :(

Hey, next week is Thanksgiving and we have a lot to be thankful for, even Frannie. :)


deborah said...

i googled what you googled and guess what ...

bwahahaaaaa. *:)

poor frannie and viv. i may have a nightmare in your honor!


Lisa said...

Oh Viv.. Hugs to both of you ~ sounds pretty traumatic all the way around. Here's hope and a prayer that you both recover quickly.

Sandy said...

Oh Viv!
I saw a post just the other day about a dog having this happen....I am so sorry she has to endure this....and it wasn't your fault! That is why they call it an accident because no one meant it to happen! I am glad she has her mate to console her.....How about you????? :( :):) Sandy

Tamera @ the Stone Fence Cottage said...

poor poor kitty!!!

barncat said...

Oh! Poor, poor Frannie! I've had a lot of kitties over the years and I've never heard of this happening just by being stepped on! Animals adjust well, I'm sure she forgives you. :)

Nancy D said...

Poor Frannie! While working for a vet I assisted in stitching many a tail. Think of the dog that injures his tail but keeps wagging...blood everywhere!

Kai said...

SEEEEEE? I TOLD you you are TOO a good kitty-mama! You take GREAT care of your kitty-people! Frannie will heal & get used to her new abbreviated tail in time! And don't you be blaming yourself. We kitty lovers KNOW how quickly a cat can go from someplace across the room to RIGHT under your feet! I LOVE YOU, Viv! (Bet you knew that, didn't you?) P.S. I need a human version of Figgy for a male friend. Sigh ...!

Cindy said...

OMG, Viv! Poor kitty, and I bet you did feel terrible. I hope she gets better soon. There's never a dull moment at your place, is there?

Lynn said...

Poor poor Frannie poo! I hope she feels better soon and I am saying a prayer that her pain will go away fast! Sending cyber hugs to you both! Sorry about the dentist thing! I hate the dentist!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm so sorry for Frannie, and I'm so sorry for you! What an awful thing to happen, but I'm glad it's all fixed now.

It's just a miracle that Trophy hasn't been hurt, as he insists on weaving between our feet when we walk. And it doesn't matter where he is in the house, if he hears me going up or down the stairs, he has to fly up them to beat me to the top or bottom. He nearly bowls me over in his race. I usually hold onto the railing and wait for him to appear, because he is such a menace!


Tracy Suzanne said...

Oh' you have had to be a big girl lately. I don't do the dentist very well either. Thank goodness for gas. I can't believe you were able to go back to work. I'm such a wimp.

I would have freaked out if I'd seen your babies tail come off. Bless Frannie's heart. It's so cute that Mr. Figero is taking care of her. You've gotta love watching that.

Thank you Viv for loving and praying for us. Every day has been an up and down struggle. Prayers are what sustain us right now. Having you as a friend is such a blessing. You do know I love you even if you never hear from me, right?

Be blessed today. OX's...Tracy :)

Lori said...

Oh, poor kitty! I can certainly see how it could happen - my kitty boy is always under my feet!

Folksie Linda said...

OMG Vivian what you have gone through .. you and Figgy.. you poor things.. sending you a bunch of healing hugs and smooches.. i've been sick so haven't been on much and saw this..had to come and comment.. be back tomorrow to see the shower pics.. love you, Linda

Mary said...

Oh your poor baby! This happened back in May with my cat Weston & me. Except I caught his tail in the backdoor after he had escaped from the indoors. He had to go through 3 amputations. An "E-collar" not soft but hard collar was a must to keep him from getting to his tail. His tail is now about 3". :/ Here are links to Westons story. And I'm praying for a quick recovery for your baby.
Makes me want to cry just seeing him.

shortly after this post he had to have his 3rd surgery.