Saturday, November 5, 2011

what a beautiful mess i'm in..

well.. maybe not so beautiful, but it sure is a mess!

th 6

Good Saturday Morning bloggy Pals~

Looks like its going to be a lovely sunny, though cold day outside. However, I will be inside most of the day. I started the process of packing halloween back up. omg. what a freaken job. Well, I have the kitchen packed up and I dragged the thanksgiving bin out (only 1 for turkey day) anyways.. really... decorating and undecorating is stressful. does anyone else think so. Or.. is it possible that I just have too much STUFF??? I keep going into the living room and thinking well, when all this is put away I have to put something wlse in its place.. geesh.. I dont remember what was there. Oh I'll figure it all out. I'm sure.

so guess what Im listening to right now.. (shhhh) ♫♪christmas music! ♪♫ I know, im crazy.. but its on one of my playlists, so I thought why not.. no one else is home and maybe it will inspire me! lol... think I'll make some bread and a pot of soup when I can get my kitchen back to working order.

well girls thats it for now. I have SO M UCH to do!

I shall return later...



I turned the christmas music off.. it must be way too early.. it was making me feel sick to my stomach! seriously! I feel much better now with some big band playing now!




Cindy said...

I get that way when doing my Christmas decorating. I have so much and have to think where it all goes. Sometimes I think I should take pictures to remember and just do the same thing every year! What do you think? Have fun!

Kai said...

Oh, I LOOOOOVE the Thanksgiving things! They make me HAPPY! Yours look so pretty, Viv! And - WHAT???? Christmas music made you sick to your stomach???? Uh-oh. My advice: Go directly to bed! Something is terribly wrong if CHRISTMAS music can make you nauseous! LOL! 'Course, I'm 'slightly' biased. I could hohoho and jingle bell all YEAR! I LOOOOVE YOU! Have a fun day - and - uhhh - pass that homemade soup, please!

Maija said...

Christmas music already?!?! I love you Viv!!!

Anonymous said...

I've been listening to a little Christmas music. You can't just jump right into it! You have to ease your way in. Just a few songs every day and no nausea. I love Christmas music.


kandeland said...

I was listening to Christmas music just the other day, and guess what? I'm already finished with out Christmas orni's for the swap!! So you're not TOO crazy! Or else I'm super crazy...
don't let the decorations stress you out..I was feeling a bit stressed taking my Halloween things down but then you get motivated all over again once it's done!
Hope you are having a good weekend, xo

BucksCountyFolkArt said...

If listening to Christmas is a crime, just arrest me now. I listen to it all year long. To me, it's very therapeutic and just plain sweet. So much better than listening to things like, "I killed your father, I screwed your mother, and kicked your dog last night" (well, you know what I mean!)

Lynn said...

I hate to have to have to but all the things back too! HOpe you get it all done.

Kim K. said...

We spent the ENTIRE day on Saturday packing up our decor. I thought of you BIG time. I had worked up such a sweat that I actually had to shower before dinner. Geez.

Happy November, dear friend!