Sunday, November 6, 2011


gobble gobble

well, I got must of halloween packed up in bins... still have the bathroom and the porch to do. And, I got thanksgiving out! I want to make some thanksgiving ornies because I have a cute orange tinsel tree that would make a great thanksgiving tree.... why not right? I just dont really have time to make any!

apples make good toys!

I have tiffanys shower that I have to make stuff for this week as well as Im in two christmas ornie swaps, one of which I need to get in the mail. And also Elizabeths tag swap...which I havent even started!


I always think I have lots of time for these extra fun things, but then I find myself rushing in the end! Poor time management! yeah, thats always been a problem for me. plus I always seem to spread myself thin. not complaining though...I like it that way!

apply fun..

So most of the kids were over last night. I made a big pot of soup and bread and apple crisp! no one seems to be getting sick of apple crisp yet. Ive been making it every weekend! Torry had fun playing with the apples.. OMG! hes sooooo freaken cute!


Tried to get a good pic of everyone.. but there was a lack of cooperation.. and the one hiding in the back, (pic below) was trying to moon us.. Uh.. dont think you all would want to see his shiney hiney! Rob and Tiffany didnt come because, the girls were working on shower things here. They are coming today though for Roberts birthday celebration.

cooperate please!

So the girls worked on making diaper cakes, they made two because Vanessa has another shower to go to too.

And while the girls played, the guys went out back to play with fire.. oops.. I mean to make a bonfire.. 'cept, when I looked out the window and saw how big the fire was I got a little nervous. girls playing with diapers

so I played with my torry pie and helped the girls a little. I think their diaper cakes turned out adorable. Vanessa took hers home with her, but I have to hide the other one til next sat. hopefully Tiffany doesnt read my blog. Im pretty sure she doesnt.

having fun

Cute "baby cakes" arent they?

diaper cakes

I love having all my kids over. my house is pretty small, but everyone squeezes in. I make sunday dinner every weekend and usually most of them show up. unless someone has to work.

Today everyones coming again for a big taco dinner for roberts birthday... I think hes 23. The weather is perfect fall weather, sunny and 60. Perfect for yard work. (well a little anyways)!

so have a lovely day everyone!


Cindy said...

Your turkeys are so cute. Love the idea of using pipe cleaners for the tail feathers.
I think it is great that you have your kids living close and they enjoy coming over so much. Two of my 3 sons are in town, and we usually have Sunday dinner together. But sometimes they get busy with school or something and then I really miss them. And I have to see my grandson at least once a week!

Kim K. said...

Your turkeys are just delightful. How nice that you have kids who enjoy getting together. We don't have family nearby and I miss seeing everyone regularly. Tory is just a sweetie and those diaper cakes are the fanciest diaper cakes I've ever seen!! Have a lovely Sunday. I'm hoping to dig out Thanksgiving decorations later after mass. I'm still wiped out from packing up all the Halloween thunder.

Suz said...

those cakes are really cute but most of all, that Torry Pie is getting cuter every minute! Just love that guy!!!

Susan said...

Love your Thanksgiving decorations. Here in all the stores, they swept all the Halloween stuff and replaced it, Holiday music and all, with Christmas stuff. Not a cute turkey or pilgrim to be seen anywhere except a small display at Michael's. Have fun with all the kiddies and things you have happening!

LuLu Kellogg said...

OMG Torry Pie pics!! I just want to pinch him!!!

You have such a sweet family Vivian!

I love those turkeys!

Happy Sunday Sweetness!


Anonymous said...

Oh, Torry. So cute!

Those baby cakes are adorable.


Kristine said...

Those diaper cakes are darling - the cutest I've seen!

Michelle said...

Bring on the holidays! That Torrie baby is getting so big! And adorable!

Lynn said...

Love the turkeys! Torie is adoreable! The girls diaper cakes turned out super cute! the apple crisp looks soo good!