Monday, November 28, 2011


we did some antiqueing
from wednesday morning 5:00 am till midnight last night... I was going nonstop!! I was almost glad to go to work this morning, just to relax! lol! I had a great holiday week though.. and the topping on the cake was seeing sandy and natalea this weekend. We had a nice time. I got there sat about lunch time. natalea and sandy had gone out dancing the night before and they were pretty tired and in need of food.. so we decided to go to lunch instead of dinner.. so we went to paneras and then to michaels then back to nats to craft and hang out.
we made elves
I taught the girls how to make elves. didnt they all turn out cute? Nat had yummy snacks for us to much on while we created and she bought Baileys Irish Creme.. just thinking of me! (OMG I love that stuff!) like once upon a time.. back in the day... like.. wayyyyyyyy back.. like at about age 19 or 20... my friend and I played hooky.. we left work early, went to the liqour store bought the biggest bottle of Baileys, went home and wrapped presents and drank the whole bottle! and boy did we have a blast! christmas just wouldnt be Christmas with out some baileys! in fact.. I better buy a bottle for here soon! (thanks nat! though I have to say, after the girls wild night of dancing and partying, neither of them had any baileys with me!!!) silly girls!
preparing yummy snacks
we swapped ornies and gifties! I made the girls these snowbears. I dont have a good picture of one. (thats the elf that nat made in this pic too.)
nats elf
Sandy made these freaken awesome ornies!
sandys ornie for our swap
Natalea made these adorable little holiday pillows! mine is soo cute with little Christmas kittens on it! and she gave us these amaryllis plants.. I planted mine this morning and took it to work to brighten up my office. (I decorated my office for Christmas today too! heehee)
from Natalea
I think I need a new camera, mine isnt taking the best pictures these days. unless its the camera operator... (which is very likely!)
these are the adorable ornaments that natalea made. I love them!
nats ornies for swap
This cry baby is from Sandy and this picture doesnt do it justice, first of all its big and pink and all glittery! and it says, baby its cold outside. Ithank you girls for such fun gifts!
from sandy
these are some other cuties that Sandy gave us! can you see sandy through the cellophane? hehee!
gifts from sandy
I took a bunch of pics of nataleas adorable decorations.. but didnt think I should make my post that long! so hop over to my flickr and see them. They are all posted there. heres one little teaser....! or bop over to sandys blog at see her pics.. she is a much better photographer then I!

nats festive kitchen
In other news! I did a swap with Kim from Kims musings. I LOVE kim.. she and I just love the same things and we have become pretty good friends. she sent me this box full of vintagey awesomeness! I love it all! I did not get good pics of everything but i plan on taking a few minutes tomorrow maybe and snapping up some pics of where i put everything!

box full of fun from Kim!!

Kim is very thoughtful. She even included the sweetest little vintage christmas apron. which you can get just a glimpse of in the top pic.

from kim 2

thank you so much Kim! Shes so on the ball with mailing early! I will send out your gifties soon!

from kim 3

OK.. with all that said.. I need to get a bowl of ice cream and then come back and do some blog hopping myself!

night girlies!



Cherry's Jubilee said...

alls o adorable! You will have fun decorating with all those goodies. cherry

A Vintage Chic said...

Looks like you had so much fun, Viv! Love everything you girls made--I need to get busy!

I LOVE the little ornament in the old tin--I really need to find some of those! I've been on the hunt & no luck so far--keep your fingers crossed for me!

Hope your day is wonderful, dear friend!


Lisa said...

Oh my gosh Viv! I wish I could come to one of those weekends! You girls get so much accomplished and I'm sure have the most wonderful time.
I love Bailey's too. I love it any way I can have it - plain, on ice, in coffee, and especially in hot chocolate!

GARAGE SALE GAL ~ Deb's Earthly Delights said...

Awesome, awesome and FUN time!!! So many great gifts that you made for each other! Plus the huge package of goodies from Kim!

Sandy Michelle said...

It was so nice to craft, eat, shop and even catch a movie with you Viv! You're always such a good sport! Thanks for my precious snowbear!

Sandy xox

Kim K. said...

What a splendid time you had. I loved seeing all your special weekend creations. Such lovely pictures.

Merry Christmas, dear friend!

Cindy said...

I also wish I could come to one of your get togethers. It looks like so much fun! Everything looks so cute too. Now I'm going to look at the decorations. Hugs, Cindy

Kai said...

I'm green. Green, green, GREEEEEEEN! LOL! Ooooops. That episode of jealousy was brought to you by 'I WANNA HANG OUT WITH YOU THREE GIRLS' PRODUCTIONS! Seriously, I DO, but I'm actually SUPER glad you all had such a good time! I'm going to TRY and make some of those elves, Viv! Is that okay? They're just CUTE & I want to put them all over my house! In fact, I want to try ALL the cute things you girls made! Uh-oh. I feel the GREEN MONSTER coming out again. I need some crafting friends - I have a BIG ol' table with no one to join me! Don't you feel sad? HAHAHAHA! If you DO, come on OVER! Okay! I'll be good now. And no, I HAVEN'T been in your Bailey's tho' if I could drink (can't cause of the meds I take) I'd drink only 2 things: Margaritas & BAILEY'S! LOVE YOU, VIV!!!

Angela said...

Goodness it's good to be you (and a friend of yours, too)! Such cute stuff!

Diane Mars said...

What a lovely group of Christmas goodies I would say Kim spoiled you! Oh about that little lamp.. it will be sold! Hugs & Kisses, Diane

Mrs. Cherry Heart said...

Miss Viv I love those sweet lil elf guys. looks like they were sippin baileys when you weren't looking! :-)

Luvs ya,

Julie said...

OM gosh - what a fun craft day you had. Love the present elves. I was thinking they would also be cute as mice!

full of bliss said...

Those little elves are the CUTEST!!! It sure looks and sounds like you girls had fun. Love all your swap goodies as well. Looks like you are off and running with the Christmas spirit!