Monday, November 7, 2011

its all about comfort!

comfort food

Not sure why I'm soo pooped out tonight. but when I got home from work, I had my jammies on with in 5 minutes.. then I made some OH SO GOOD cheesy tuna noodle casserole!

comfy cozy

NOw, I'm headed to the couch.. gonna finish this teddy bear for my soon to be grand baby! and then veg out on these magazines!

to go with comfy cozy!

Good plan dont you think? I also need to make a shopping list for tomorrow. I have the day off. I'll be up early to greet Torry pie at the door at 5:30am, as I will have the pleasure of babysitting him! He and I will be going shopping to get baby presents and shower goodies!

wip for my soon to be granddaughter

I havent shopped alone with a baby in a VERY long time!

wish me luck!

oh.. and tomorrow is Torry Pies 11 month birthday.. can you freaken believe that hes almost a year old?

uhh.. are you all tired of hearing me go on and on about torry pie?

and whats up in blogland.. seems way to quiet!

off I go to the couch!

see yas later



Barbara said...

just popped on...and decided to surf the blogs a has been so long since i have done just that...i CANNOT BELIEVE HE IS ALMOST 1!!! OMG....SEEMS LIKE HE WAS JUST BRAND NEW!!! time does fly...MWAH!

Kim K. said...

Have fun shopping with Torry tomorrow! With a 5:30am greeting, I hope you're hitting the bed soon. Christmas magazines sound like a perfect way to end the night.

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

that casserole looks so YUMMY! love your selection of magazines! Have a great day tomorrow.

Kai said...

Jeez Louise, but that food looks GOOOOOOD! I RARELY eat after 4, & there are nights I SWEAR I could eat my freakin' computer! LOL! (Can you tell this is ONE of those nights? Sigh. I'd kill for a piece of string cheese right now.) ONE???? How DARE Torry-pie start that growing up nonsense? I say you should FORBID it! That child is so adorable it HURTS. You'll have fun shopping with him tomorrow! As for tonight, enjoy the wonderful array of magazines. I indulged in the Winter issue of Art Doll Quarterly & Southern Living's November issue. Ahhhh ... now if I could just find time to read them. Have a BLAST on your day off! LOVE YOU!

kathy said...

VIVVY -- off to baby sit my 15 mth old in just a few -- never tire of hearing about your cutie - seeing my babies is the best part of the week - get to keep the 9 month old tomorrow --
Hard to believe they are growing so fast -- have not attempted shoping by myself with them yet -- yikes the 15 mth can run faster than i can lol --and can climb -like a ten yr old -- scary -HUGZ - have a fun day ! Kathy - ga ♥

Cindy said...

Sounds like a great way to spend the evening! Comfort food, jammies and magazines, perfect! (I am also a magazine fanatic.) I love seeing pictures of your grandson and look forward to pics of the newest ones. Have a good day today. Wish I were nearby to go shopping with you.

Lynn said...

I love all the Tori pie stories!! I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow. The new bear is super cute and perfect for a new grand daughter. Enjoy those magazines!

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Now that's what I call a perfect night...jammies, comfort food and great magazines.
I hope all went well on your little shopping trip with your Torry pie. : )

Sandy Michelle said...

I hope he behaves when you go shopping. I'm beat too so I think I'll join you and put my jammies on earlier tonight. P.S Did you talk to Nat about getting together soon??

Mica said...

sounds like a great veg type nite. hope your more bright eyed and bushy tailed today...hugs.