Thursday, November 3, 2011

five o'clock friday just cant get here soon enough!

from cyndiI

(thank you Cyndi!! I love this!!)

oh my goodness! thank god its just about friday! some days I just hate work. I get so tired of dealing with miserable people, and sometimes miserable people rub off on me and make me miserable! just til I get home though.. then I always feel better! I would soooo love to win the lottery and be able to quit working !! I know I know.. wouldnt everyone like to win the lottery... I suppose to win I'd have to play! hmmm.. maybe I should play.. YOu know, I was supposed to be a rich princess.. and I'm sure I was switched at birth.. Ive probably told you all that before. When ever I say that, my husband says, "you are a princess". I have to bite my tongue to keep myself from saying.. "and I suppose your my prince!" it just doesnt sound nice and he is being nice when he says that. sweet isnt he? lol

from sandy

(thank you Sandy! this is freaken adorable!)

I wanted to show you the sweet things I've recieved in the mail lately. a couple birthday presents and a just because giftie! thank you to all the girls! I love all three pieces! I love my bloggy pals! And it really makes your day when youve had a crappy day at work to come home and find a sweet package, or even just a sweet comment left on your blog!

from kai

(thank you Kai!! she is gorgeous!)

so weekend plans?? CLEAN my house, put halloween away and get out the little bit of thanksgiving that I have. Other then that , I will be working on some christmas ornies for an ornie swap and a little turkey project~ I need also to make a bear sometime before the baby shower I'm hosting next weekend for my son and Tiffany and my soon to be granddaughter! only about 8 weeks to go!

Alrighty then.. off I go.. I really am too tired to be trying to make any sense here.. so sweet dreams girlfriends.. see yas this weekend!



Kim K. said...

Have a glorious weekend. Sounds well-deserved. Your latest treasures are TOTALLY YOU! I'm completely dreading packing up the tubs and tubs of Halloween decor. I want a fairy godmother to put it all away for me.

Hugs and sweet dreams.

Cindy said...

Great stuff you got! I am sure your house is so bright and cheerful with all the crafty goodness, that you do feel better when you get home. Have a great Friday!

Kai said...

Shoot, Viv! I work at HOME & I wish I could run away sometimes! Okay. LOTS of times. I get SICK of being glued to this chair, editing everyone's manuscripts instead of writing my OWN, or playing at my craft table. Oh, if only you knew the wicked lil' fantasies I think about when I'm tired and aching for fun, you'd be SCANDALIZED. LOL! I say, "Get through today & ROCK THE WEEKEND, GIRL!" LOVE YOU!

kathy said...

HAve a great weekend !!!!
Oh a litle girl !!! how fun and a playmate for lil Torrie -pie
Kathy - ga ♥

Holiday Sparkle - Cyndi LaChance said...

Glad I could help cheer you up girl. Love your B-Day gift. Happy Belated Birthday - I had no are what, 27, right???
(me too!-LOL)
Maybe it is the moon or something....because people have been annoying the heck of me lately too! LOL.

Lynn said...

Have a wonderful first weekend of November! I love all your new goodies! I can't wait to see the bear for the baby shower. I saw on your flickr the sweet nut cups you made.Those are soo stinkin cute!!

Sandy Michelle said...

Hey girl, I'm glad you like the necklace! Have you thought of changing jobs?