Saturday, November 12, 2011

morning sounds,,,

uh oh.. caught us!
I LOVE to get up early.. even on weekends. 5:00 is the sweetest time of the day. so quiet . I love getting up and having figgy and frannie follow me from the bed to the bathroom to the kitchen right at my feet every step. I love hearing their sweet meows while Im getting their breakfast and their treats... or turning on the tap so they can drink from the faucet. I love all the morning sounds in the kitchen .. the water filling the tea kettle, the tea kettle just starting to whistle.. ( i catch it quick so it doesnt wake up tony.. but i have to let it start.. cause I love the beginning sound of it!) the clink of the spoon on my (oh so beat up) teacup, toast popping up in the toaster. The cupboard opening and closing while I get out my teabags. Even the sounds of my slippers scuffing across the floor. The sound of the fridge door opening and closing and then the quiet hum of the motor on it running.
the sound of my chair being pulled away from the table and my teacup clinking on the saucer.. the ruffling of magazines or paper if a list is being made..
toast and tea

Then theres the (at first) quiet sounds coming from the living room.. a sweet little voice that sounds like my grandmothers that says.. "good morning buff" and a bunch of other quiet little things she says. That quiet voice is only quiet for about half an hour before it gets a little more obnoxious, louder , and then starts whistling and making microwave sounds and clanging her bowl!
good'morn'n buff

I eventually have to feed her to get her to be quiet. she likes scrambled eggs for breakfast these days!

so anyways.. thats what my mornings sound like! Oh and then there is this... the sound of the keys on the keyboard click click clicking away!!
baby shower tree

Today is Tiffanys shower and I have lots to do. mostly just food preparations now. the house is as done as its going to get, except the porch, I'll have to go out and putter around out there a bit. the girls will come over early to help a little and the partys at two. It will be VERY crowded in here. I have a small house.. as in very small. and there will be about 18 t0 20 of us. I can fit 15 to 16 somewhat comfortably.. and thats a tight squeeze! Well... it is what it is. I just didnt want to do it at the church again. I can fit everyone in the livingroom.. but I dont know where the gifts are gonna go! lol! it'll work out. I'll put them in my craft room or something til its time to open them.

morning .. were here to help..

I'll be sure to post pictures.. should be interesting!

figgy and frannie are excited to have so much company...

oh yes they are! lol!



Kim K. said...

Such a sweet post, Viv. I'm sure your shower will be absolutely lovely. Have loads of fun!

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Oh I love morning too. It's the best time of day. Your shower preps are lovely, I am sure you will all have a wonderful time. Hugs, Marty

kandeland said...

I love you Viv! you are the sweetest! You have such an appreciation of life and I love that about you! Happy Morning to you! xo

GARAGE SALE GAL ~ Deb's Earthly Delights said...

Hey Viv,
Sweet baby tree for the shower! Sounds like a great day ahead!
Your kitty's are very busy!
Deb :)

Cindy said...

I am not a morning person at all! But I can appreciate all that you described, it is the sounds of a contented house. Have a great shower. Can't wait to see the pictures.

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

Your kitties are adorable!

Ric Rac and Polka Dots said...

Wow, you make me want to be a morning person. Not likely, but I do appreciate your special time and sounds of the morning. What time to you go to bed anyhow? It's a wonderful thing for you to appreciate all of those little things. I too find comfort in the littlest things, and often remind myself how lucky I am to have my wonderful home and of course sewing room!!!!! I can't imagine being anywhere else. I guess we all should be thankful, right? As I make my 2nd cup of my flavored coffee this morning in my favorite cup, I too look forward to the whistling of the tea kettle, the pouring of the steaming hot water, and the clanging of the spoon, not to mention the aroma and taste of my mocha chocolate/french vanilla coffee! Mmmmmm. I probably will never be a morning person, but I do cherish my morning ritual. We are SO LUCKY!!!! I hope the shower goes perfectly and you all have a wonderful time in your oh so warm and lovely home!!!!

Jane said...

Always enjoy the pix of Figgie & Frannie, but this one of Buffy is so cute too - scrambled eggs for his breakfast -lol!
Have fun with the shower - looks like you've made some lovely things!

Kai said...

Like you, I'm up VERY early, & I welcome the sounds just as YOU do, Viv! But - waaahhhh! - I don't have any beautiful, soft-looking kitty-people to greet me! Frannie & Figgy are SO gorgeous! You keep them healthy & happy, & it SHOWS! LOVE the baby shower piece!!! WOW!!! As for your house being small, NO ONE will care. Your HEART is so big, that's all that counts! LOVE YOU, & make sure to take bazoodles of pictures!!!

Lynn said...

I hope you have a lovely afternoon at the baby shower. The tree turned out great!

LuLu Kellogg said...

This just made my whole weekend getting to see pictures of Figgy and Frannie! Can't wait to see pics from the shower!


Creative Breathing said...

Vivian, Your kitchen looks so cozy at 5:30 in the morning! My Mr.Kitty gets us up at 4:00am to go out! I'm so cranky by 5! I must post a winter photo of him now that he has his coat on. OMG! you will not believe! What a fun party you prepared. Happy wishes! E

Suz said...

Those sweet faces!!! They are just adorable. I wish they didn't make me sneeze! We borrowed a cat for the weekend to see if we could own one and I had an asthma attack. love your baby tree, too.
Where is our little Torry Pie?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your morning routine with me. I love the idea that you hear your grandmother's voice each morning!


Mrs. Cherry Heart said...

Aw Viv,
I Love your Sweet precious kitties!
Your mornings sound like mine! I love waking before everyone else! And yes my kitties follow me from the bed, to the bathroom then to the kitchen to eat breakfast! I make my tea then we go to the parlor and read or come to the office and read emails.

Hugs, Dolly

Barbara said...

loved the pics on fb!!! 'looked' like a grand there is no sound on YOU GO YOU TUBE!!! MWAH!!! CHAT SOON!

BucksCountyFolkArt said...

Morning is the absolute best time. Just wish I could get up early like I used to. Ever since having kids, I have the hardest time getting up!

Pictures! We want to see lots of Pictures of the shower!

Scrap for Joy said...

I'm an early bird, too. I'd love to sleep in til 7 but my body just won't let me go much past 5:30. I have been away from blog reading for so busy with craft show stuff. I'm alsways happy to visit're always twice as crazy busy as I am!! Everything looks so pretty for the shower. Hope it went well!
(It's time to pack up Halloween'Fall decorations. I will gently store all of my goodies from you til next year. I hope you saw them on my blog.

Tracy Suzanne said...

You mornings sound so lovely. Wanna switch for awhile? Just love the sweet pics of your babies, especially that last one posing for your camera. I bet the shower was so much fun. The tree is so cute.


Love the new blog look!