Friday, January 4, 2013

finally friday!

starting the weekend off.
  For a short week, this week seemed rather long to me.. 
Its blustery and cold outside and the wind is blowing big drifts in the roads causing lots of people to go in ditches.  I almost visited one this morning myself!  I got caught in a drift in the road and then over compensated and ended up caught in another one and then riding the edge of the road for a couple seconds.. sure that I was going off the road.. but thankfully I didnt!  so glad for that.  
This was down the road from me, but was pretty mild in comparison to a lot of the roads.
driving 1
So anyways.. all good here, I'm home.. its warm and cozy and quiet.  I have sweats on and warm booties and Ive already had one nice hot cup of tea.  Im about to have another one in a minute.
Unfortunately all afternoon I kept thinking maybe I wasnt feeling so great.. but I tried to ignore that.. however, now that I'm home, I can tell that I am definitely coming down with something.  figures!
but I have no plans for the weekend, other to stay home, so I shall relax.   though I could use a big new stack of magazines!  
I had been thinking about running to the grocery store, well, cause, we need groceries.. but mostly because I'm out of butter.  everything that Ive thought I might want requires butter! cinnamon toast, grilled tuna and cheese, making peanut butter cookies...  see what I mean!?  so I may throw my jeans back on and run out.
Im thinking this weekend I will take christmas down.   blaaaah... I just hate that job so much!  
anyways.. thats about it for now.. 
I guess I'll go get that butter.
see yas later!


Kim K. said...

Welcome to the weekend. I'm so glad it's finally here. I agree. For a short-week, it was a LONG one at work. I hope you aren't getting sick. Weekend hugs!

Theresa said...

Love that picture of you:) SO pretty! GO get 'cha butter girlie and stay out of the ditches! HUGS!

kandeland said...

you look so cute Viv! it sure is blustery...I thought I was going to blow straight off the Skyway on my way home today! glad to be home this evening. hope you stay cozy and warm! xo


Hey Viv,
I hope you aren't coming down with the flu that is going around!!! Heard it take the wind out of one..
Glad you didn't end up in the ditch. It's cold here and I was home most of the day. Hubby and I went out for happy hour..home now and in my pj's!
Keep Cozy!

Kai said...

I agree with Nat! You look extra cute! Be careful back out on the road. Butter is GOOD but YOU are WAY more important. And I say leave Christmas up longer and do only what you feel like doing this weekend. Sending you a big hug!

A Vintage Fairy said...

It has been a long short week for me as well. I you get to feeling better and be careful on those roads!!

Debby said...

I love that mug, hah.
Easiest recipe for PB cookies:
1 cup PB
1 egg
1 cup sugar
You don't need butter. 350 for about 10 minutes.
I hope you feel better. Sometimes if I load up on Vit. C or orange juice (alot) I can scare it away.
Just undecorated today. Didn't take long at all. I didn't do as much this year. Still need to carry it downstairs and in storage.

Linda Ruthie said...

I'm glad you kept your car out of the ditch. It's dangerous out there, especially in bad weather.
Load up on vitamins (Airborn seems to work for us) and get lots of rest so that little sick bug will go away.
Enjoy your weekend.

Nan said...

I'm wondering what kind of cars you drive there? Here in this part of Alaska the car of choice is the AWD Suburu. In this small town they often cannot keep up with plowing so we must drive through deep snow and also the center of the road way that pile gets left there from the plow and one must turn through it. We use studded tires and not much stops us here. Well I hope you're not getting sick. Eat more greens and fruit now maybe a good time to start that w/o getting to the store lol..Take Care Nan

lori ventimiglia said...

Hope you enjoy you weekend, and get better. We're having rainy damp weather, with very bad driving conditions. So glad to be home and having a cup of tea with my honey.
Working on teddy bears.

ImagiMeri said...

Am I gonna' have to start nagging you again girlfriend???? Maybe you should be taking immune boosting supplements....I hate to think of how often you're sick.

I hope you feel better.

Love ya'

Cindy said...

I hope you have a good weekend and not get sick. I love to just craft and putter around when it's snowy outside. I made some cookies this afternoon, but we need more groceries than just butter. I'll be running out in the morning.

Perfectly Printed said...

Christmas is sooo hard to take down!! Try and relax this weekend...for someone who doesn't feel quite right you do look pretty darn cute!!


A Little Creation said...

Skip taking down Christmas and relax, your sick (cough,cough) except for the baking, which helps to keep the house warm.;)
I sure don't miss driving in the snow.
Chris =]

Anonymous said...

My husband informed me that we're the only ones in the neighborhood with Christmas lights still burning. I told him I liked them, and I'm keeping things up for a while. He doesn't do any of the packing away, so we're just going to have the tree up for a while longer!


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Glad you got home safe and sound, Vivian! See now, that's the thing about driving in the snow that I hate. I have had too many close calls over the years {like spinning around and winding up between two telephone poles} that someone is telling me to just stay off the road! : )

I have to run out myself today and pick up a few things. Since my subscription ended with December for Romantic Homes, I want to pick up the January issue while I'm out. The renewal won't start until the February issue.

Some snow in our forecast tonight. It's not supposed to be much, but I'm sure it will be enough to making driving annoying.

TiffanyJane said...

Hiya Viv!

I quickly took my Christmas down before I could think about it too much. Always love to see Christmas come upon us, and glad to see it go. I have been sick and sporting my sweats :) Sure looks cold in your area, glad you didn't veer off the road and end up in trouble!
Love your coffee mug, too cute!

HAPPY New Year!
xo Tiff

Fran said...

I've missed reading your blog and others. Hubby & I was in Las Vegas visiting family & friends for the Holidays.
Got home and internet service was down. Verizon came out last night and put all new equipment in. It's lighting fast now. Should have been like that when we first moved here BUT the box, etc they put in was not good from the beginning. Now it's REALLY GOOD.
Have missed reading your blog and others. I'm so glad to be home and back on the internet.

Lynn said...

I am glad you made it home safely! I hate to drive in snow and refuse to do it anymore. When Dana was a baby, I worked at one of the local hospitals in central supply. We kept the stock levels on all the nurses supply carts in every area of the hospital. It was 1987 and it snowed every Wed in Jan. that year. I was trying to make it into work and was taking Dana to the baby sitters. I had just dropped her off and was on my way to the hospital. going around a sharp curve my car started spinnin. I ended up sliding up under a transfer trucking and stopping at the back wheels of the big truck! I was actually up under the transfer truck. They had to cut me out of the car! I was so thankful that I did not have Dana in the car. Where her car seat was in the back sheet was the side that hit the wheels of the transfer truck!!
Take care and hope you feel better soon. That new alka setzer daytime and nighttime capsules worked well on hubby and I! It is wild that so many people got sick all over the US during Christmas and the week after Christmas!
enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Lynn said...

Hey wanted to share a super easy peanut butter cookie recipe with you and everyone raves about these cookies when I make them.
Items needed:
One yellow cake mix from Duncan Hines
2 tablespoons of water
1/2 cup of cooking oil
1 cup of peanut butter
2 eggs

put all ingredinets in a mixing bowl. Mix with electric mixer until well mixed. Roll mixture into small balls, place on ungreased cookie sheet. Take a fork and do a criss cross pattern on each ball, they will flatten out. Bake at 350 degrees for 10 to 12 minutes. Let cool and then store in air tight container. Makes 36 to 48 cookies depeneding on how big you make the balls.

Like I said, everyone who tries these cookies love them!

A Vintage Chic said...

Hope you stay away from that cold, Viv--I had it just after Christmas--no fun! Stay healthy, my friend!


Creative Breathing said...

Vivian, I love your New Year banner. It's such a pretty image. Butter. OMGosh, I just bought tons of it, don't know why yet, but cookies come to mind! Hope you didn't come down with the stomach bug that is visiting Ohio. Be well! E