Friday, January 25, 2013

playing with eggs...

I had both babies for about 5 hours yesterday and last night.  whew!   How the heck did I ever take care of  4 of my own? 
 and amazingly, somehow...we all survived!
Well, my hair did turn white...
But arent they freaken awesomely adorable?  
(I know, Im a wee bit biased!)
gotta get to michaels... 
did you see what Kim K posted??  


ImagiMeri said...

Oh no another Mary Englebreit fiend! You didn't let them play with real eggs???? That could have been so much more fun for them......LOL

Well I'm off to ARTzona for three days of crafting/swapping.

Have a great weekend.

Love ya'

chris mckinley said...

They are darling!!! And I often wonder how I raised 5! But, I too have white hair...I just hide mine a little and call it blonde!!


E said...

Awww Viv they are sooo cute what sweet memories ! xo Elaine

pam said...

The $1 bins are the best! I was just there for paint and um...well,..I didn't make it past the $ bins for a they had clearance from the bins for .25 cents! even better!

Kai said...

I'm SO GLAD I popped into yours & Nat's blogs! Both make me HAPPY! And who stole little BITTY baby Marla-pie & replaced her with that BIG GIRL? LOL! The NERVE of these cuties growing up so fast! Trust me, my sweet friend - you may (rightfully so) be biased, but you SHOULD BE 'cause she and Torry ARE adorable! Marla-pie is seriously cooking away! And Torry-pie? If he smiled that way at me, he could talk me into ANYTHING! LOVE YOU, and I am off to be pampered. YAAAAAAAAY!

JunqueMagnet said...

Awesome. So cute and so fun!!

Kim K. said...

You are such a good grandma and so generous with your babysitting. Darling, darling, darling pics. How fun to have cousins so close in age too. Happy Friday!

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

AW! They are so cute, Viv!

Most of my grand parenting years have been "away" from the grands so although exhausted, I'm glad for the couple of near years I've had with them. Mine could be moving any day now! They don't know when since the state patrol is moving them. (I'd hate not knowing!)

Theresa said...

They ARE so darn precious;). Can't wait to see what you buy and make. Have a blessed day dear friend. Hugs.

RetroSandie said...

Yes, your baby pies are cuties!! Show us what you find at your Michael's!!!!!

Debby said...

They are adorable. So cute. Love their hair. So glad they weren't playing with real eggs.
I will have to see what Kim posted. I am thinking it's what I already found.
Have fun. We are on a Level 2 Emergency so I can't go out anyway.

Sandy Camarda said...

I love Marlaina's Pjs! Who is Kim K? Link please :)

Have a great weekend- in spite of the nasty weather!

Sandy said...

Adorable kiddles!!!! I saw what she [posted, I bought some of the ME stuff and I am taking it back...but I might exchange it for the other stuff she showed...but they are 1.50 now, so the $$$ doesn't go as far....:)

The Other Side of Me said...


You are the best Grammie! The kids looked like they were having a ball or an egg rather!.
I made one of your tutorial hearts and it rocks!!!! I will post it soon.


Anonymous said...

I've told my kids if they don't get me grandchildren soon, I'll be too old and tired to do anything with them but take naps together!

A Little Creation said...

They look like they are having fun. Future chefs in the making.
Chris =]

NanaDiana said...

Those babies are just EGGdorable, Viv. So very cute! They do wear us out though, don't they? xo Diana