Saturday, January 19, 2013

thursday, friday, saturday...

winter morning
First let me say its been a strange winter so far this year.  Not complaining though.. Im not a huge fan of white stuff!  This picture above is what we woke up to on thursday...
this picture below is what it looks like out there today!.. 40 plus degrees and no snow. 
ANd.. on top of that....  look what I found in the planter by my front door today.   Its January 19th~ and there are flowers in bloom... bizarre.  I showed my husband this earlier then left to go shopping. when I got back he told me he found two dandelions in the yard.   Its just strange.   Im sure somehow its not good... the farmers wont want fruit trees to start budding yet, as we'll be sure to get more freezing  weather and it will kill new little buds... last year the apple farmers took big hits when this happen.. but it didnt happen this early in the year!
winter surprise

I feel like Ive ignored my blog and my bloggy pals all week this week.  I have been really tired for some reason.  in fact today, I slept til 7:15!!  thats two hours later then normal.  Anyways, I've peeked in at most of you here and there but have left very few comments this week.  hoping to do some major blog hopping in the morning.
lucy and charlie brown
Last night I went to dinner with a friend and her daughter and then to see my daughter Jennifer in the musical "You're a good man Charlie Brown".  I always love to see Jen on stage.  she is so good!  she played Lucy Van Pelt and did a great job.  It was a little weird at first getting used to seeing adults playing kids.  But they were all cute and it was a lot of fun.
lucy and schroeder
Today, Ive not done much.  I ran and got some groceries and a new lamp for my craft room.. el cheapo crapo.. the pole is bent and I have to take it back.  ticks me off because its 45 minutes away. I should just bite the bullet and buy a good lamp instead of crap.  we'll see.   tonight I'm babysitting for Torry pie for a few hours while his mommy and daddy go out to dinner.  I cant wait to see his cute little face.  I'm sure we will be playing catch with a big ball, that seems to be his favorite thing to do with gammie these days. 
On the valentine front... these pics I took this morning at breakfast!  I love this little tree and all its adorable little ornies.  All of these ornies are from swaps.  arent they sweet?
They are a combination fo the last two years (I think!).  Ive been busy working on some ornies for a swap I joined for this year too.  they are finished and boxed up and ready to go in the mail!  I'll show you sneak peeks later.
I still have a bunch more to work on.. for a bunch more of my peeps!  and two more days off! 
so, you know where I'll be... in my craft room!  
see yas later!


Nan said...

Oh Viv I love your table tree there with all the handmade ornies as you put it. I see some ideas I might want to copy, but don't tell anyone okay. Nan


The weather is crazy her too! In the high 30's yesterday and tomorrow MINUS!! BRRRR
How very Happy to sit at your table to enjoy a meal and see all that LOVE!!!

Lynn said...

I just love all your sweet ornies. Such cute inspiration! I would love to have woken up to all of that snow!!! Enjoy your days off and can't wait to see what you create!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Love all your Valentine's ornies, Vivian! Each one is so cute and creative.

Kim K. said...

How fun to see pics of your daughter on stage. You must be so proud. Your Valentine tree and all the ornaments are just fabulous. The ice skating party was a success last night. I spent the afternoon at Josie's Chinese school. I somehow ended up on the decorating committee for their upcoming Chinese New Year festival. Go figure! I'm hoping to spend some well deserved time in the craft room tonight.

Theresa said...

Some days it is just harder to get going! You stay incredibly busy and a little down time doesn't hurt a bit:) Love all of your Valentine pretties! Have a blessed weekend, HUGS!

kandeland said...

yes the weather has been quite weird! but I'll take whatever warmer days I can get! Thank you so much for the sweet mail I received today! Love it! heading out now for one final night out for the birthday week! Enjoy the weekend Viv..xo nat

Susie said...

Viv, love all the valetine decorations. That is a cute play. My daughter's in a play for our community this month, called dixie dives. I can't wait to see it. Love your pansy. I am with you , this has been an odd winter. Today was like spring...tomorrow will be winter again. Hope you and your husband are well. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. xoxo,Susie

Kai said...

I'm with you on the odd weather topic! We've been unusually COLD! I LOVE cold weather! So I'm NOT complaining! But it's still strange that we've actually HAD some. (Nothing like your gorgeous snow - sigh) but still cold for Texas! Also love hearing that you got a little extra rest! I NEEEEEED some of that! Hope you take pictures of Torry-pie! His happy little face makes ME happy! And your 'Valentinies' are BEAUTIFUL! Finally the lamp. Arrrrgghhh! I have to use a REALLY strong, non-glare lamp for EVERYTHING. Ott lamps rock, but they cost 10 arms & 20 legs. I had one on my craft table & loved it. It died. Unresurrectable. So I couldn't find another one in either Hobby Lobby OR Michael's, and ended up getting a different kind. Ugh. Not nearly as effective. I have to order some Ott lamps when I get paid for this bunch of editing. Two for in HERE (office & craft areas) and one for my chair in the livingroom where I crochet while I watch tv. I suspect that will take a big old chunk of my pay, but I have such limited vision now I HAVE to get good lamps. Tell your daughter she looks adorable as Lucy! I would LOVED to have seen the play! Hope you find yourself a PERFECT lamp and that you have a MAHHHHVELOUS Sunday! In case you didn't already know, I LOVE YOU!

BucksCountyFolkArt said...

Look at all those Valentines!! I still have my manger scene on my mantle because I realized I don't have any winter decorations. I usually decorated with greenery and keep it up all winter.
Yes, this winter's definitely whacky. It's chilly today, but I've got a couple windows open just to help air out the house. The other day was so cold and windy, I brought all of Ted's work clothes (clean, mind you) and hung them all up outside. All that cold air blowing through them for hours gave them a crisp feeling. Our house is 1939 so we have a very small, cramped closet, so doing this every once in a while makes them feel so much better.

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

Such a fun post!!! the Charlie Brown production looks like so much and your Valentine table vignette is just lovely. Enjoy the rest of your weekend may it be full of love and craft :)

RetroSandie said...

First, the yard pix of snow and green are beautiful!! Seems like that here, too. One day covered in snow, then all gone and pleasant, then bone chilling breezes with a clear blue sky! I love your Valentine ornie tree! How nice to sit at breakfast and gaze up at all the different pretties!

Grace said...

OMG look at all that snow I am so glad it melted!! None here so far except a dusting a while ago not worth the mention. lol I love all your Valentine pretties. Cuteness. I am working on a few swaps today. Sundays when you have Monday's off are fabulous!! lol Love you girlie Grace xoox

Debby said...

My daughter looked just like LUcy when she was growing up. Once she had the outfit for Halloween and she didn't even need the mask, hah.
Our snow has been gone for about 10 days and I want more. It is supposed to get really cold really soon.
Love all your ornies. Tried to squint to see if there was anything I could copy, hah.
Give Torie Pie a hug and a kiss for me.

VintageBettys said...

Your Valentines ornaments are sweet! I love how you displayed them on that little tree!

Anonymous said...

It should get down to 12° tonight, but I can't complain, because it hasn't been bad so far this winter. I'm looking forward to spring, but I don't want warm temperature to come and bud out everything only to have mean Old Man Winter destroy all of our spring blooms.

Your Valentine things are so very cheerful!

Creative Breathing said...

Thanks for the close ups Vivian, I truly want to make a few of these for my tree. Serious cuteness! Hope you have a great week. E

Anonymous said...

This little Valentine tree and all your precious ornaments just make me say, "I want, I want, I want"! Wayyyy cute!