Monday, January 14, 2013

some people think i'm weird...

no really.. they do! 
I know that probably surprises you doesnt it? 
Its just the way its always been...
 But maybe this explains it all!   I need to hang this at work! lol!  
This is going around on facebook and I think its just perfect 
and had to share it here! 
Can anyone relate?  I bet most of you can! 
ok.. bloggypies.. Its time for my dinner..
 popcorn and pepsi!  woohoo!
hubby can have left over stew when he gets home... but I cant eat that stuff again.. I couldnt barely eat it the first time around, in fact I ate only the potatos last night... I dont think I really like stew much.. in fact I think its GROSS!
OKeedokie all.. Im tired and hungry.. see yas later!
have a nice night girls 


Perfectly Printed said...

Viv, you make me smile!!

Enjoy your popcorn!!


Debby said...

You're not weird. Sounds like a good dinner to me.

NanaDiana said...

Cute graphic- I had not seen it yet- it sure fits though. I am not much of a stew person either- Hope you have a good night- xo Diana

Diane Mars said...

LOL yep I am with you girlfriend... strange I am. Hugs, Diane

Kim K. said...

I love that graphic. I can't wait to share that with my mom and sister. Popcorn (and a beer) is often dinner on Friday nights. Cheers!

bojojoti said...

"Normal" is overrated!

I love stew, but I like any soup-y food.

Jane said...

That is so cute - definitely hang it up at work!

I love homemade beef stew, but popcorn and Pepsi sounds good to me too!

A Little Creation said...

I understand completly! I'm weird too.I don't think your weird, I think you are creative.
This is my sign.
Have a nice night.
Chris =]

Hmmmm.... popcorn

RetroSandie said...

Hey - sometimes ya GOTTA be "weird" to be CREATIVE!!!
I happlily admit to being weird!!!

kandeland said...

being weird is just fine-but being BORING is horrible! just don't be boring! xo

Kai said...

LOOOOVE THAT!!! And you are NOT weird a BIT! You are BRILLIANTLY CREATIVE! This old Comanche Bloggy-Sis LOVES you!

Fran said...

Nope you aren't weird at all. You are just like lots of us. :-) Most artists are strange, weird, out there somewhere, etc. I've been told that before. Even my art teachers in college said the same thing about artists. We are Special and see things others don't.

Sandy Camarda said...

I love that picture and as you know I could totally relate

Dorothy Crutchfield said...

That is too sweet, Viv!