Thursday, January 31, 2013

tricky mother nature!

I keep thinking Spring is right around the corner.. especially when we have70 degree days like yesterday!
Then we get a good kick in the butt reality check, like today... where we are going to have up to 60 mile an hour winds, snow and temps in the low 20s!    I'm hearing the winds out there already and they are supposed to get worse through out the day.  I always get a little nervous about trees coming down on the house and power outages. 
So I really was thinking spring was closer.. but it is 48 days away...  I was hoping we would soon have a yard full of robins...  but I guess for now I will have to settle with just one that lives in my house..  maybe she can help me count down the days!
(made this robin a couple years ago.. so you may have seen her before!)
as for yesterday...  sorry about my rant..   Im fine.. a bit out of balance.. need to get myself on back on track in a few areas.. and will do that...
as for my son.. hes still working.. since 6:00 sunday night.  I wish I could say I'm less worried, but the truth of the matter is I get more worried the longer he goes.  Im sure he is determined to make it through tomorrow afternoon.  I'll just keep praying.
and I want to thank everyone for the comments you left.  I love you, my bloggy buds!!


Kim K. said...

You and I can exchange prayers back and forth over our children. Thank you for your kind words about Miss Josie. Get ready for more snow. After a freak warm-up, it's been snowing since 8pm last night. The schools are in session but we have storm/blizzard warnings.

Your robin is just delightful. I hadn't seen her before. Hugs.

Lisa said...

That bird is just adorable! I haven't seen it before so I'm happy you shared again.
This time of the year is very hard on a lot of people. I know I'm feeling kind of snappy and snarky and it's not pretty. I think it's the lack of sunshine and warm breezes.
Sending love and hugs. :)

Scrap for Joy said...

We've dropped 30 degrees here in Pittsburgh in addition to snow. Is it any wonder I have bronchitis again! We are entitled to rants when we need them...I would worry about your son's schedule, too. Wasn't it easier when we could just "ground" them? We never stop worrying about them do we. I had not seen your robin before but I think she's dear. (That's my grandmom's word when something was especially special) I' m such a bird lover and watch for the return of the robins every year, usually around Valentine's Day. I'll keep you and your son in my prayers. I hope he gets some rest.

Sandy Camarda said...

Yeah this weather is weird! I hope your Son can come up with another solution soon.

chris mckinley said...

Your robing is darling!! And you are entitled to a little rant once in sort of clears the air!


kandeland said...

The weather is crazy, you're right! It's blowing like mad with a blue sky now, and ten minutes ago it was dark and snowing! Off to work- hope I don't fly off the skyway! xo

vintage grey said...

Your robin is darling and so sweet!!! Yesterday we had some pretty warm weather. Hope you day is wonderful! xo Heather

pam said...

That Robin is adorable! I am having the same weather as you. Only it is supposed to start with the cold tonight and maybe snow tomorrow morning! The winds are CRAZY! Stay warm!

NanaDiana said...

Well, being newer to your blog I had NOT seen your sweet little bird before- He is beautiful and you are amazingly talented.

I worried about my own son yesterday because he had to drive south 2 hours in that blinding (8-10") a sportscar! I don't think Moms ever quit we? xo Diana

laurie -magpie ethel said...

No robins here yet, just gray and rain. Ready for spring as well.

Ranting is therapeutic...deep breath and hang in there.

Kai said...

I love YOUR Robin!!! But I HATE seeing REAL Robins here because, for US, they mean the beginning of MONTHS of heat & humidity. UGH, UGH, UGH! And don't you even THINK of apologizing for your 'rant' as you called it. We Bloggers SHARE stuff & we're HERE for each other! LOVE YOU, VIV! (And Diana has it RIGHT! Once we are mommies, we ALWAYS worry about our kids. Heck, I worry about ALL kids!)

Debby said...

Oh at first I thought that was a chicken. That Robin is just darling in that sweet hat. You make the cutest little creatures.
Your son is making a liar out of me already. How is he doing this. I thought he would have had to sleep by now. Unreal.
WIll pray. (((((HUGS)))))

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

We also had balmy temperatures yesterday! Today was just frightful with unexpected snow squalls throughout the day and terrible gusty winds, I am glad our 100 year old house is still standing. Lovely birdie!!!

Grace said...

Ooooh poo what a day this morning I looked so cute it was warm a little windy but nice. Then this evening I went to dinner with my cousin I was freezing had a leopard scarf wrapped around my head like a babushka! hahaha Not attractive at all really pathetic but it is so cold!! I feel like I just saw Dorothy the witch and totto just blow by!! Grace xoox

Erica of Golden Egg Vintage said...

What a cute Robin! 48 doesn't sound so bad! :)

Anonymous said...

I love that bird!! It has been so cold here, just bitter. Ready for Spring!

Anonymous said...

I am just trying to get used to the colder weather here at our new mountain home. Such a cute little bird - it's a robin! In a pretty little bonnet! Blessings and protection for your son - oh, sons! I have one, too. These are the days when they think they are invincible.

Mrs. Cherry Heart said...

Oh Viv
This lil Robin brought a tear to my eye.
mum and I always played this game. We would watch to see who was the first to see a robin each spring, we would call each other when we saw one. Usually mum won.
So when I see a robin it brings all those memories back.

Thank you for sharing him with us!
God Bless you dear friend,