Wednesday, January 23, 2013

pretty paper hearts tutorial!

paper hearts
OH my Gosh!!  arent these too stinking cute!?
 Ive been cutting out little hearts and gluing them together and I love how they are turning out and thought I just have to share them with my cute little creative bloggy peeps! 
 (thats you guys!)
  these are so simple.. and really really cute!
So, make a little pattern, what ever size you want.  I used half a heart and traced it on my folded paper.  You will need to cut out 8 hearts.   I love how they look out of the glitter paper!  but you can use any paper you want.
then you'll need a pair of scalloped scissors and you will need to cut out 7 HALF hearts.  use your original pattern piece and just cut around it about a 1/4 of an inch.
Arent they cute!  they look like little angel wings.. you can use what ever you want to cut them out of , but I would use something a little thicker then plain paper.. wanna know what I used??  only cause I didnt have any cardstock, but i love how it works out... I used photo printing paper.  Its just the right thickness and works perfectly!
Anyways.. next step..  you just start gluing them together,  alternating the hearts and half hearts.  glue one half of the heart and place one of the scalloped pieces on it.  then glue another side of  one of the hearts, then another scalloped piece. Continue sandwhiching a scalloped piece between each heart half until youve used all 8 hearts and 7 scallop halves. 
Then glue the final two ends together and ta dah!  you have an almost completed ornie!  (youre gonna love it!)
Next cut a piece of pipe cleaner and make a loop on the end.  put some glue on the straight end and stick it down into the center of the heart.
Now, tie a "foofy"(or is that fuffy) ribbon on and attach another string, ribbon or wire to hang it with.. and 
its all done!
They really are soo cute and they only take a few minutes to make..  the most time consuming part is cutting out the pieces!
You can make them out of any paper... and just about any size.  I think I'll be taking a trip to michaels to get some more glittery paper.  I want to make some big ones!
 So there you have it!   a short and sweet little valentine project! 
Now go have some fun and make some!
have a great day!


Anonymous said...

I'm in love with these hanging hearts! I have to make some for my Vday party - my mom and sis and daughter and neices are all coming for a party - wouldn't they be cute hanging from the ceiling!!!! Oh yeah! Thank you!!!

Creative Breathing said...

Glitter paper, here I come! Vivian! Thank you for this fabulous tutorial. I will be making some this weekend for sure! E

A Little Creation said...

Neato Frito Bandito!! I never thought to use that technique to make valentine ornies. I wanted something I could give to my coworkers. Woo Hoo!
Chris =]

Kim K. said...

I'm right behind Elizabeth. I need to get my hands on some glitter paper!! Adorable, Viv.

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

A very sweet Valentine project ! The 3d effect is perfect. Have a lovely day and keep warm!

kandeland said...

omg Viv, I can't believe you're showing this! just DAYS ago I made a very similar hanging dimensional heart out of book paper, but how I put it together was long and involved, and doesn't look half as cute or easy as this! now I want to make these! thanks for showing. I'm finally feeling better (back to work!) but it looks icy-cold out there. have a good day, xo nat

The Other Side of Me said...

Hi Viv,

They are awesome. Gonna give those a try! Thanks for the tutorial!


chris mckinley said...

Good thing I don't have to work this weekend....I can make a few hanging hearts!! Thanks for sharing!


Kai said...

Vivvy-pie, you are always so generous with tutorials & you explain things in a way even MY muddled brain understands! THANK YOU!!! Just so happens, I HEART YOU!!!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Very pretty, Vivian! I love the way these look, especially the glittery one. Wonderful tutorial and thanks for sharing how to make them.

Terri said...

Who's a clever girl? These are the sweetest................just like you! Hugs,Terri

NanaDiana said...

These are just precious and adorable!!!!! I want to make some!

I know this is kind of a stupid question...but what kind of glue do you use that grips fast and will hold a seam together like that? These are SOOOO darling- I want to make some with the grands this weekend. It doesn't look like you used jpt glue.

Cindy said...

Very cute! I also love the glitter paper ones. Have to go to Joann's, but I'm still sick. Maybe this weekend:)

ImagiMeri said...

So cute, so sparkly......just like you! Have a fun crafty weekend pretty lady.


pam said...

Isn't that already glittered paper fabulous?! I used the white/w iridescent for snow on projects at Christmas. My new fav. word for string or ribbon is "foofy". We all have funny words for stuff like that in the craft world, I think I'm going to write a book!

lori ventimiglia said...

LOVE it, just had to cut up a file folder at work to make one, coz they are to darn cute, like YOU!!!!!

suzeeez said...

I love the idea....they are great !

Bethany Lee said...

These are soooo cute! I LOVE the glitter and the 3D look! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today and leaving a sweet comment!

Erica of Golden Egg Vintage said...

What a cute idea Viv! Thank you for sharing it with us. I think Michael's is going to run out of glitter paper!
Erica :)

Marlynne said...

Vivian thanks for visiting my block. I thoroughly enjoyed yours! The red glitter hearts are so fun need to try them! Marlynne

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

These are so cute! ♥

VintageBettys said...

I've been so busy that i missed this lovely post! Thank you for sharing the tutorial :) I will be making these sometime in the future!