Saturday, September 22, 2007

black cat and pumpkin swap

I was so excieted today when a huge box came in the mail for me! It was gifts from my swap partner barbara
I love all the goodies she sent me, and especially the little witch doll, who is now sitting proudly beside my halloween tree! everything is so sweet! I mailed my gifts to her yesterday, so I'm hoping she recieves them on Monday... I hope she likes them all!
I love doing all these swaps and I'm still working on two more.. I need to mail out my 12 days of christmas swap and still need to make something special to swap with tempoandato! Oh and I almost forgot I have the halloween ATC's and a wand or mask to make!
I hope to do a couple other Christmas swaps as well.
However.. this girl is very backed up on Teddy bear orders.. I have orders for 26 and possible more teddy bears, all to be done before christmas! I really need to get busy! I kind of went on a bear break after last christmas and I just havent felt like making the big bears.. I think maybe I was being selfish and only doing what i felt like doing!
The sad thing or maybe even its a good thing, is that there is just so so so much that I want to do! the sad part of it is, there just isnt that much time!!
Ok SO anyways, I guess I'll end here for now! I have to think about making some dinner.. My husband will probably come wandering in from his barn soon wondering if I made any thing...
have a good weekend!


barbara burkard said...



vivian said...

barbara, I'm so glad you likedyour gifties! and I loved mine as well! I'm looking forward to the next swap.. I have to pass on the apron swap though.. I can sew dolls and doll clothes, but I'd be afraid to make something that some one would want to wear! though I do have to say, I've been dying to try making an apron for myself.
anyways.. you are soo welcome!

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