Sunday, September 30, 2007

I maked a mess!

I maked a mess!
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I was somewhat productive today.. I baked banana muffins this morning, made three halloween atc's, baked a huge pan of lasagna and worked on call for 2 hours. thats good for today I guess.
Now I'm going to work on my mask for the mask swap at faerie zine.. Thats what the atc's are for too.. the halloween atc swap there.
I must say I really do enjoy all the art work posted there. And the inspiration that I always seem to find there as well! NOt to mention the encouragement from the wonderful artists and Lisa who is a great artist herself. I always seem to go away from there wanting to make something new!

Here is picture of the ATC's I made today..

and this is the muffins!!


Cathy Nash said...

Hey--about the question you asked me about email. i noticed that you don't have an email address listed on your profile. Try going into your settings and having your email add. listed. Also I think there's something on the dashboard where you can have your messages sent to your email as well as the blog.
Nice pics today, by the way!

Lori said...

great atcs!! the muffins look yummy!!