Tuesday, September 4, 2007

I've been working hard on all my swap items.. I think I'm finished with my halloween swap items for Barbara! I hope she likes them! I'd post a pic.. but cant do that yet!

I also am almost finished with my 12 days of Christmas gifties.. I need to add a few tiny finishing touches.. oh I wish I could post a picture of them.. they are so cute!

So I have two things left.. One, an ATC swap with Tempoandato...

and two.. my vintage banner.. though I'm not sure my person to mail too is around.. I havent been able to reach her yet.. I will have to look into this some more.

In other news..my job is driving me crazy today.. even after I got home, my phone continues to ring with job related stuff! eiy yie yie!

However, I got such a treat in the mail today from one of my sweet live journal friends! This has made my day! and after I finish this post.. its off to the kitchen table I go for creative therapy! (with my job I need therapy!!)

So here is the gift I recieved today...(lets see if I still remember how to post a picture!)

Yay! I did it again!


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