Tuesday, September 25, 2007

trick or treat..

trick or treat..
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Hello! I'm just so excieted tonight as I've had visitors on my little site here!! and I have a few people on my whimsical places to visit list! I dont think I do it right because they all have the http stuff in front of them! but they work and thats what matters, at some point i'll figure it out and fix them!
this is a picture of the goodies I made and sent to my swap partner barb at http://www.123lavenderlollipoplane.blogspot.com/. It was so much fun to do the swap. I'm looking forward to christmas swaps!! There are soo many creative people out here, it just knocks my socks off!
Lori of http://faeriewindow.blogspot.com/ played a game on her blog and I think in a few weeks if there are people visiting me I might think up a game and make some little gifties too! that would be fun! Ok.. well I'm a little hyper tonight and I really should go park myself on the couch and say Hi to my poor husband!
have a lovely day or night or what ever!


Elaine Thomas said...

Viv, love the the halloween heart. Very cute. Also, I added your link to my blog so You can add mine as well to yours if you like. Smiles, Elaine

Elaine Thomas said...

Viv, I love Doris Day as well. I watch alot of those movies on Classic movie channel. I am the only one usually watching them. I am not that old either. Sometimes I feel like it (lol).

Lori said...

hi Viv! thanks for the mention! love your swap goodies :)
i'll send you a note tomorrow about links :)