Sunday, September 30, 2007

yoko bear dressed for halloween!

its been a busy weekend. I've been on call for CPS and worked from 10:30 til 7:00 yesterday.. there are some crazy people in this world!!
Unfortunetly, I missed my nieghbor girls wedding as a result of work! When I finished I flew home, changed my clothes, threw on some fresh make up, brushed my teeth and flew to the reception. My family was already there. I was starving because I hadnt eated anything since two pieces of toast in the morning and I was worried that I had missed the meal at the reception 'cause it started around 5:30 I thought.. but I was so lucky! I got there and my table hadnt been served yet. We had a good time, but didnt stay too late. I think we left around 9:45 or so.. I came home, got on the computer til about 11:00 and them fell asleep on the couch!
This morning Im working on my halloween atcs for the swap at faerie zine, then unfortunetly I still have some homevisits to make for work. blaaaa!! hopefully after that the pager will be quiet today!
Besides after all the hours of work, i have hours of notes to write!
So anyways, for now, I think I'm going to make some banana bread and play with those halloween atcs til about noon!
every one have a lovely day!

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