Sunday, September 16, 2007

what a busy week ! this was the first week that I worked 5 days in about 9 weeks! It was long ! In any case, I guess at least it was uneventful! well... other then that one very odd conversation! ( a conversation had with some young men about some very personal things they were doing!)
For the last few days I've been getting out all my halloween stuff! what a huge job! I have so much stuff.. I have to put so much other stuff away to put the halloween stuff out! but it looks so sweet once every thing is in its place.
I havent done the porch yet other then a garland and fall wreath.. pumpkins, spider webs and a bunch of other assorted things, can wait for a couple more weeks. I know for some people its kind of early, but when you have so many cute things to put out and you only get to see them for a short time, It really is not too early!!!
Yesterday afternoon our friends had a party for their two sons birthdays, I'm the only one (of my family) that went. I ended up staying from 3:00 to 8:00. I had intentions of stopping by for an hour, but you know how it is when you get sitting around talking to your best friends!
Today I have a project to work on... yup.. a halloween one! I will post the picture when I finish.. then I am getting the sewing machine out and working on bears!! I have orders for 22 of them, and I have put them off for sooooo long! People will want them for Christmas.. I need to get them finished!
It is cold here this morning. Im guessing about 50 outside.. wait.. I'll check! Oh.. 46! no wonder my little fingers are freezing! Its only supposed to go up to about 65 today. But it looks like the rest of the week is supposed to be very nice.. sunny and mid to high 70's!

Well I should get busy! perhaps I'll be back later with pictures of todays project!

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