Wednesday, November 21, 2007

counting my blessings!

So tomorrow is thanksgiving.
I'm am thankful for soo much.
I'm thankful for living in the beautiful little town we live in, and for the wonderful little school my kids went to for their whole lives.
i'm thankful that my kids are all basically grown and are all successfully moving in the directions of what they have chosen to do with their lives and that they all have chosen college which I am really greatful for!
I'm greatful for my job, and for the boys I work with even though they are punk -n- heads!
I'm very thankful for my friends
for my home
for my junkie car!
for my pets
for my health and the health of my family.. even with Bethanys diabetes, I'm thankful for scientific research and breakthroughs that allow her to live normally.
Im thankful for living in this AWESOME COUNTRY! and I believe there is absolutely no better place to live except heaven!
I'm thankful for God.. and that he sent his son to die on the cross so that we can be saved and can one day live in heaven with him.
I'm thankful for forgiveness..
I'm thankful for talent, mine and that of soooo many others!!!
I'm thankful for the four seasons, even though I dont particularly like snow. ( i just dont like to drive in it!)
I'm thankful for the internet! how awesome it is.. when you really think about it! It truely is a window into the world!
I'm thankful for animals.. all of them!!
for giggling children and belly laughter
for laughing with friends so hard you almost pee your pants!
I could just go on and on and on.. but I wont..
I really need to get back to work on those bears!

I made my pumpkin and apple pies today and my stuffing and squash.. everything else can wait til tomorrow! I think we'll eat around 4:00.. looking forward to that turkey!! I'm thankful that god sent us turkeys!!!
I just want to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!
Make sure you count your blessings!
pictures to post tomorrow !


Lori said...

Happy Thanksgiving Viv!!!
that was a wonderful thankful list:)

Fran said...

What a nice Thankful list you have.