Monday, November 19, 2007

LOokie!! See my new banner? Made as a giftie to me from the fabulous khurst! she is on my idol list!! I have a growing list of idols!! most everyone I know is on it!! hahaha! seriously!

Ive had messages from some of you about how inspired youve become and how much fun your having making your snowmen!! I am soooo happy to hear that! I'm already trying to figure out what the next swap should be!!

ok.. here is a sneak peek at my snowfriends.. and also please see the wonderful little needle felted snowman ornament that barbara burkard made! Isnt it the most wonderful little creation!! it definitely made me smile!! thank you sooooo much Barb! you didnt have to do that... I wasnt even your partner. but if thats a perk of hosting ... i'll be hosting again soon!!

OK, I am very tired and shouldnt even be on here.. so enjoy the peeks and see yas later!


Lori said...

Viv, your peek looks awfully cute! can't wait for the reveal...and the needle felted snowman...awwww, so adorable!!!

Elaine Thomas said...

Viv, I love your banner!! It's wonderful. I am sorry I missed out on you snowman swap. Maybe next time.


barbara burkard said...

oh oh ...she looks sooo sweet on your tree! I sent off my snowman person to aless in Italy this morning!!! Can't wait until the next swap!

Fran said...

Can't wait to see full pictures of your snowman. The peeks look great.

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Your banner is so beautiful!!
Cute snowfriends; I spy some pink in there!!

Rose Garden Romantic said...

I love your blog banner!!! So cute!!! And that snowman is adorable! Those sneak peeks look wonderful!!

vivian said...

thank you all you little bloggie friends!! I cant wait to reveal my snowman ornaments, but I need my swap partner to get hers first. other wise, there will be no surprise! though, I could show my two and not show hers! I did pack hers up today to be mailed, but I wont get to the post office before friday!

Fran said...

I posted a few snowmen on my blog BUT didn't show my partners.

Cathy said...

Viv, Your stunning ornament has front and center on my tree. I absolutely adore it. Thank you for your kindness.