Sunday, November 25, 2007

Well good evening blog world people.. I've been very busy this weekend.. as you already heard in my previous post, I finished those bears! yeehaw!! And was paid very very well!! yeehaw again!! then yesterday I dragged out all of the Christmas bins.. and started putting Christmas decorations out! I was soooo overwhelmed.. Where the heck did all that stuff come from!!!???? SO I have to put sooo much away to bring the christmas stuff out, otherwise you would lose us in out house!! 4 bins out.. 4 bins full put back away til after christmas! There was actually quite a few things I choose not to use this year.. I'm fairly happy with the way things turned out.. we wont put our tree up for a couple more weeks yet.. It took me from the time i got up just about to the time I went to bed to get things put together here!!

Today I did A LOT of laundry cleaned up the yard some, got rid of all the pumpkins..( wow.. did I ever go crazy with pumpkins this year!) cleaned up the porch ran the vacuum through the house then took off for an after noon of shopping. I ended up getting a few gifts.. but I just dont know what to get for anyone!! I do know what to get for me though!!

I needed this snowman like a hole in the head! and these tiny little faeries, well.. something came over me and I had to have them!!!

This reindeer and his son, I bought the other day along with the two smaller angels at the top of the page!! I must quit buying for myself now!! Naughty me!

OK... So how are the snowmen coming girls! I did not get mine mailed on saturday like I planned.. but I plan on mailing my package tomorrow! I'm dying to see what everyone is making!!


Mary Isabella said...

I mailed my package on Friday. Hope my partner likes what I put in. Blessings Mary

The Mommy and Me Boutique said...

Love your blog heading --- and the "doll" decorations and the fairy decorations and your bears and I think best of all ..... we are both "cute" because of our gray (white) hair!

Debb said...

VIv, I mailed my ornament and lisa got it she mailed her out this week I think. I put it on my flick picture my flick is under my pictures just click and it will take you there Thanks will be posting more later.
Love Debb

Anonymous said...

I posted your great garland and swap package on my blog, it was just too darling for words.
Thanks again so much, your ga ga Holiday garland swap partner,
:) Bren

Tamy said...

You are one incredibly talented lady. Just stopped by after checking out the swap goodies that you sent Bren. Fabulous!! Your garland is truly delightful!! So very glad you participated. Hope you had fun! Happy Holidays.....Your bears and your fairy decorations are fantastic!!
Happy Holidays

Sunny Chick said...

Howdy Viv! I mailed my package out today! Hope she likes it! Thanks again for doing this. I had a blast!!

Sandra Evertson said...

Love all the cute decorations!
And those bears!
Sandra Evertson

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

I've begun decorating for Christmas...... I have way too much, but keep buying more too!

Lori said...

hi Viv!!! your Christmas goodies look very cute!!!

HopHopJingleBoo said...

oh what sweet decorations and love your Christmasy banner..your a blogging gal!