Friday, November 9, 2007

last chance to get in the snowman swap

OK folks.. its the last day to sign up.. right now there are 27 of us. There is one person who has not sent her address.. I'm hoping to hear from her today. We could use at least one more player.. so if your straggling out there.. nows your chance.. if we dont get another person, I will do two. So tonight I will match up partners by means of having my kids pick numbers each person has a number (the order they signed up) I will start with no#1 and have the kids choose a number between 2 and 27.. etc., until all are matched! that'll be pretty random I think.
OK.. so any one else? nows your chance.
I'm really happy about the turn out weve gotten for this swap! there are a few who dont have blog sites, but who are going to email me their pictures so I can post them here. It'll all be good! I'm excieted.
I think I have all the other swaps I'm in just about done. I did my altered stocking, my pink ornaments, my garland, my 12 days of christmas, I just have to make my snowmen, and also I have another stocking swap with TIni.
I also have orders for about 30 memory bears.. and a minature horse.. Hoping to make a lot of headway this weekend on those.. I have to get those done.. thats christmas money!
I'll check in later.. toodles!


Shawn said...

thanks again viv for hosting! I absolutely LOVE that snowman in the pic. Did you make him? He's so cute!!!! Looking forward to making my snowman ornament. :)

Julie said...

Hi Liv,

I would love to swap blog references with you! I will add you to my favorites today!

Lori said...

Viv, so sorry i am going to take a pass...i'm just not as good under pressure as you obviously are and i have a lot of stuff in the works...the snowman you have shown here today is absolutely adorable!!!

Rose Garden Romantic said...

LOVE that adorable snowman!!

Heartinmyhand said...

Thanks for hosting. I want that little snowman. He is just to cute.

vivian said...

thank you Julie, I've added you. I just want to add everyone and I dont want to have to ask!!

thanks girls for liking my snowguy!