Friday, November 23, 2007

TAH DAH!!! they are finished and delivered!!! the woman who ordered them was thrilled with them. and I am glad to move on to the next order!

Thanksgiving was great.. alot of food was made and eaten!! later after dinner we went to friends to have dessert and play cards.. The kids watched the new "hairspray" musical.. (I'm about to watch it myself when I'm done with this post!)

Today I finished those bears and went to the christmas store.. I was very good there, I only bought a few ornaments and some fudge!
I hope everyones doing ok with their snowman ornaments.. I'm mailing mine to my partner tomorrow!! I can show you pictures of two that i made for myself.. but cant show you the one I made for Debra yet. keep me posted how your all doing! I cant wait to see them all!

OH, I just realized that the snowangel still is not finished.. she has little snowball garland that goes around where the box part opens. Oh well.. I have to remember to do that! gotta get off the computer now!!


Lori said...

oh you are KILLIN' me!!! i canNOT believe you got all of these done...they all look so wonderful...i need to ratch up my productivity i think...still working at the pace of a snail, oh wait the snail just passed me up...uggggh...

your snow"men" are ADORABLE!!!

Anonymous said...

Hiya! I am working on my snowman ornament right now! letting it dry so I can blog! I love the snowman there sooo cute! great job! hope you had the best thanksgiving ever! toodles

Birdie said...

I love the bears that you made. The one that stole my heart is that little Christmas bear. Too cute.