Tuesday, November 6, 2007

snowman ornament swap

Hello! this entry is regarding the snowman ornament swap that I'm hosting. some of us here in NY got snow today! we didnt get any here, but only 45/50 miles from here, it got very nasty! I dont mind winter it I dont have to go anywhere.. but Im so not ready for snow yet!!!
At this time there are 23 snowgirls signed up! There are several that have not sent me their information.. I need your addresses ladies, so please if you havent yet sent them to me, please do so soon. I'm excieted that so many people are wanting to make snowmen with me! this should be a fun swap.
the guidelines are..you must create a snowman or snow woman ornament, what ever size you want to make it.. remember though it is an ornament to hang on a christmas tree, so not too big! You can make him from what ever medium you enjoy working with. the most important rule.. He must make us all smile !!
snowman are to be sent to your partners by December 5th. We will all enjoy having our swapped buddies to hang on our trees and to enjoy through the season!
I will post the list of participants and annouce partners either on friday or saturday this week.
in the meantime, if you havent already sent me your information be sure to do so now!
any questions you can email me at vivianneroni@yahoo.com
I'm starting my ornament tomorrow!


Shawn said...

Hi Viv I would love to participate! I sent you an email with my contact info, hope it's not to late to sign up!! :)

Lisa said...

Hi Viv--I came to your blog through Shawn's, and would love to be in your snowman swap if you haven't closed it out yet. What a cute idea!! I'll email you too.

Julie said...

I love your creativity! Enjoyed visiting your blog. If you hear of a red bird Christmas ornament swap - let me know!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I am done with one of the snow man ornament! if ya wanna check it out its on my blog its the snowcone... hahaha! i think i have emailed you my info but i will do it again!