Saturday, November 17, 2007

How are those snowmen ornaments coming girls!? I cant wait to see them all!!! I know they will all be great! Has anyone had trouble connecting with their partners? let me know if you do. Hopefully everyone touched base and all is good..

I've been Oh so busy busy busy! I have so much going on in so many different directions!! eiy yie yie!!
I shopped today. which I shouldnt have done. But I needed to pick up some things. My oldest daughter Jennifer has a big recital tomorrow at Buff State. she is singing 9 pieces and is expecting a lot of people. She sings so beautifully! I'm actually quite excieted to go! She bought a beautiful cranberryish colored gown, which I havent seen her in yet.. she'll be beautious I'm sure! We're having a little reception afterwords, so I had to pick up the stuff for the punch and paper supplies. I ordered a sheet cake which I will pick up in the morning. Im hoping I will be able to post some of her recital as it will be video'd. If I can figure out how to do it again! I'll at least be able to post some pictures.
I also bought my other daughter some of her birthday presents today. she has her own apartment this year, so I bought her a pink christmas tree and some sweet ornaments to go on it. then, you know... I just had to buy myself some jeans,and i ended up with pjs booties and socks too!
I was supposed to get grocerys, but after being out all afternoon blowing money, I just didnt feel like it.. We dont really need anything right now anyways, just stuff for thanksgiving dinner , but i can do that monday.
I have my snowman ornament all done for Debra at hophopjingleboo! I hope she will like it! Its cute! I cant wait to send it to her!
oh yeah, the picture above is of a few of my elves and a shadow type box I made for them. I'm hoping that I eventually get some time to make a few more elves to sell. I usually sell quite a few at Christmas time, but this year I'm pretty backed up with the bears! Stay tuned, I will be posting pictures of the bears I've been working on in a couple days!
hey, the person who won my giftie on halloween, hasnt replied to me, I wonder if I should chose a new winner.. what do you think?


Jeannie said...

Hi Viv! I came upon your blog just by chance, and loooved everything I read in it, specially because of the spontaneity in everything you've written.
I will sure mark it as one of my favourites and visit you often!
A warm hug from far away Argentina!

vivian said...

oh JEANNIE, Thank you for visiting! I shall visit you now!haha!

Mary Isabella said...

You have been busy girl. Everything is awesome. Sounds like a fun shopping trip. Mary

Debb said...

Viv, I have acouple of question but first got the socking and love it. I got it up and hanging. Thanks could you give me the email for my partner in the ornament swap I want to see if she got her ornament . And last how did you get your music on your blog . Would love to put some on for xmas.

Fran said...

Hi Vivian,
I finished my partners Snowman. Debe S. is my partner. I sure hope she likes it. I had so much fun making it. My daughters came over for my birthday and they saw it. They wanted it. LOL Now, I have to make them one. :-)
Thanks for hosting the Snowman swap. It's so much fun.

Sandy said...

Girl I can totally relate with being busy. Hosting a swap is alot of work but so much fun! A pink tree for your daughter sounds fabulous! You must be so proud of her when she sings.

Lori said...

oh my goodness!!! do you ever slow down? can't wait to see your sweet bears!!! cute elves!!!

vivian said...

I'm thinking I'm a bit tired tonight.. I need a couple more days off.. oh well. I only have to work two days and then I'll be off for 5! thanks for all your comments girls!

Anonymous said...

How do you get so much done and host swaps and work full-time?
You are a whirlwind of activity.
I am getting your package out tomorrow. Long story about what happened on Friday but it involved buying my daughter a car.
So sorry the package did not go out as planned but tomorrow it is going to the post office.
I swear. Hand to my heart.
:) Bren

Sunny Chick said...

Hi viv,
I'm having fun with the SWAP! I'm on the down hill slide and will send Monday the 26th! Thanks for Hosting!!

Fran said...

Vivian, Thank you for hosting the Snowman swap. Your snowman swap has inspired me so much that I'm making lots of snowmen and snow ladies oraments and some aren't oraments.