Friday, November 2, 2007

OH what a night that halloween night was! I tricked or treated until late late late... right here on the computer. In fact I woke up yesterday morning and was quite sure that I had a hang over from too much of that witches brew someone was serving! what an awesome bunch of bloggers I visited! so many creative witches and ghouls all hanging out for an evening of visiting! That was the treat.. this is what I like about this blogging.. I have found so many people that love to live and create like I do! and who like to share their creative minds and homes and arts with others.. I really think there isnt much I prefer to do more then see the art work that others create in their lives.. well, accept to create myself.. cause, if you know me at all, you know that is an obsession. I think that people who are artistic have to create.. its like oxygen.. you need it to survive! I know its that way for me..

well anyways.. l love all these blogs.

OH and the winner is (drum roll please!) Roam2Rome . As soon as I have her address I will be sending a sweet little something out to her!
I also won something on halloween night from Kari at the! Yay! I love to win things!
Well.. my time this morning is limited.. I have to go be a social worker for 8 hours.. then!
oh yes.. and one more thing.. I'm so glad everyone loved my wanda so much.. I adore her myself.. however, she is not I.. I am not her.. she is a friend of mine.. another halloween fanatic! she is my dear friend Brenda.. isnt she lovely?
Do I have to put all the halloweenies away this weekend? thats soo much work!!

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