Thursday, May 14, 2009

grumpy and need to vent!

In spite of going out and picking all these sweet flowers, Im in a bad mood! and it was the going out side to pick them that actually put me in a bad mood. How can someone be grumpy after picking such pretty and sweet smelling flowers?

Its because I'm married to freaken sanford and son! remember them?? So really I havent been out back yet this year.. I have noticed when I pull in the drive way that there is a bunch of junk back there, but I hadnt noticed just how much.. until now!
I could barely get to the lilac bushes! My son thinks hes going to scrap all this scrap metal! Thanks to my husband and thanks to his father that tought him to do this! my yard looks like a freaken junk yard back there.

So now I've decided I'm not doing any gardening and I'm not buying any flowers, and this place can just look like crap... I'm not putting the money and effort into it, when theres all this junk out there. I had wanted to put in a little patio.. but I have no desire to sit out there now...
So then I come in and start looking around.. and everything in my house is bugging me now too!
And now.. I'm not cooking dinner either!
so there!
Sorry I'm grumpy tonight girls.. I hate when there are things that are out of my control that I cant fix or change on my own and I just needed to vent a bit.
and, I dropped the lid to a pan on my foot!


Thimbleprims Studio said...

Your flowers are so beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing such beauty.
I'm so sorry you're having one of "those" times that we all have. I really hope you can get the "junk hordeing" issue straightened out with your men and that you will be able to enjoy your backyard again.
All my love and a whole bunch of big hugs from,

Persuaded said...

wellll.... you do have some very lovely flowers there. i can almost smell those lilacs and lily of the valley from here...mmmm

and dear, be thankful that you have a husband around to fill your yard with junk... i'm just sayin'♥

deborah said...

oooh lala! it's been a while since i've seen you get out your baby-blue machine gun!

i'd have that stuf on craigslist so fast ...... *:p

*yanks tony's ponytail*

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Shout, shout let it all out...these are the things we can do without...come on...I 'm talking to you (husband & son) COME ON!

There I said it for you...

Let 'em have it...Carrie

Christine said...

Lol! I saw your post on Flickr and jumped on over. I can SO RELATE TO YOU! Our yard is the same, but after buying flowers/plants this week and last I laid down the law and we are cleaning uop winters mess, my husbands and sons messes and making this yard look good. It will take some time but I know what you mean. Perhaps you should let "Sanford and Son" know that this is it..The junk yard days are over. Go ahead and buy those plants..sometimes guys just need some serious direction.There is no reason you should miss out on a garden this year!

Christine said...

I'm laughing again because I know the frustration with the inside of the house and not wanting to cook dinner..or shop..let them starve:)
Professor Higgins asked why can;t a woman be more like a man..he had that question BACKWARDS!

Thimbleprims Studio said...

Hi again, my friend,
I have an idea. Go out back and take pictures of all the junk (or just act like you're taking pics). You could tell them you're going to set up a special website so everyone can see their junk collection. I don't know though. Maybe that wouldn't bother them.
Another idea: tell your son that you are going to advertise for someone who will come and haul his backyard junk collection away. Maybe one of those scrap metal places.
Just some ideas, my friend. I really feel for you. I've had experience with packrats and junk hoarders and it is NOT fun!

Diane said...

Oh wow those Flowers are out of this world! Just beautiful. I know how you feel I think we all get that way about things around the house and yard. I need to get things in order for a B-Day Party here May 31st
Take a nice bubble bath!
Hugs, Diane

Carla said...

The flowers are so beautiful. Go ahead and vent dear, we are all here to listen.

AwtemNymf said...

Owie- those flowers are gorgeous and would love to have you tend to them. It's the beauty of the outdoors and Nature that greets you. The flowers are gorgeous!! I do understand though. My f-i-l is the same way! Thank Goodness my husband isn't as bad. He does have pre-runner trucks scraps but that's because out friend is fabricating stuff for him and it'll be outta here in no time. It's not the in yard. I'm so sorry! Take a stand woman and claim your yard! I look forward to hearing all about it! Vent- it's good to get it out. But yeowie- sorry about dropping the lid on your foot!

Lydia said...


It's ok to vent 'dahling'. These guys just don't get it sometimes.:)

I'm writing because I'm so jealous of your win from Danita!!!!! Lucky you:D

Gorgeous flowers, 'dahling'. Lydia

Wren Cottage said...

I feel your pain, so many things you want to do and "some" people don't "get" it. Buy your flowers Viv and if yellin' don't work try bribing, in my house bribing usually works, get creative :)
Your flowers are gorgeous though!! you must have lots of pretty bushes out there! fight for your right!
hang in there sista'!

Mica said...

oh sweetie sounds like a bad day. Just give it all to the good Lord. You really don't have to stress over all this. hee hee. Hugs to you. Tomorrow will be better !!


rosabeer said...

I know there will be a lot of ladies over here that will be glad with a husband and son who brings a lot of junk in there backyard. They want to "pimp it up", take pictures, show it on there blogs and call it vintage. (lol)
My husband calls me "Stepford and son" on my own and sometimes feels just like you.
Your flowers are beautiful and I hope you feel better already.
When you go to my blog there is something for relaxing you can use I think.
greetings and a big hug.

bojojoti said...

I'd never know that you had any ugliness in your life, with all the beauty you put in your blog.

How I love lilacs! We didn't get ours this year because of our two late snows. I love all your little bottles. I rarely use real vases. I enjoy milk bottles and colored glass bottles. Old blue Milk of Magnesia bottles. I have a cake plate just like your green plate behind the colored bottles.

Hey, I don't have a rhino in my backyard, because it went for $1000 at the auction!

zoe said...

it might cheer you up with buying stuff as you love too:)
I will bring you out if i am there *TeeHee* and let's go have some sweet ice-cream!

Beautiful display of your flowers! GO out for dinner is good idea:)
good Wife deserve nice treat from husband i believed.


kathy said...

OH yikes !! are ya talking about me --My hub is scared of my craft room lol -- well I tend to keep everything - I usually remind myself of an old adage --
Life is hard by the yard -by the inch it's a cinch -- So I am trying to declutter myself --
ask them to put a privacy fence in front of the stuff -- with Hub I just close the door -Not laughing at you but at me lol -Kathy - ga

Susan said...

I am giggling as I read this post. Poor you. I agree with the comment about posting pictures of the junk to embarrass them, but it probably wouldn't. It's a good thing you didn't get hurt getting to your flowers, for you could have added that to the list and made them feel really bad. It's good to vent and if this is what had to happen for us to see these marvelous photos, than it's worth it. Have a great weekend. Susan

Valarie said...

Vivian - that's what your blog friends are here for. To vent, otherwise we might kill our children and spouses. Now, that would not be good, or would it? No, I guess it wouldn't. I get sick of doing everything around here too. It just never ends. I hope your day gets better, and don't you dare back down and cook dinner! xxoo Valarie

Kai said...

You are going to kill me for this, but Viv, you are adorable even when you're VENTING! LOL! You just have one of those sweet, positive dispostions that supercedes even the bad old stuff going on around you. Tell those fellas to get that junk straightened up, plant you some gorgeous flowers, and eat TWO pieces of that yummy-looking bread - one for ME! Big hugs!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Your flowers are beautiful! I love the fragrance of both...reminds me of old times. Yes, I'm old! I hope you will get to use your backyard soon.

Louisiana Momma said...

I know what you mean - I have sanford and son in my carport.. It's such an eyesore..Im big on clearing things out and throwing stuff away (or at least donating it) if I haven't used it recently.. but the hubs saves everything and won't go thru the junk in our storage it spills out into the carport *sigh* Ive seen critters in the shed so Im def not going in there alone and doing it myself :-)

Anonymous said...


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