Monday, May 11, 2009

hope you had a happy mothers day!

I hope you all had a great mothers day.. I had a sweet day, even though I was on call and had to work a few hours. I started my day out having breakfast with my babies!

then my son called while I was out working and asked if I wanted to go out to breakfast.. well, I didnt want to wreck his plans, so of course I said sure! so I went and had breakfast number two with child number four! I ate half an omelet, I was so not hungry!! but it was nice to spend time with just robert. then I went back out to work.

when I was done working I went to my least favorite place in the world.. walmart.. with my daughters. i needed a window shade.. (and by the way.. I looked tonight at Valu and also at the dollar general and they didnt have them either!!) can you believe that walmart doesnt have any plain old window shades? but oh well, I had a good time with the girls. then we went home and watched.... benjamin button.. DO NOY WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY ON THIS MOVIE! It was painfully weird and slow and LONG! Bethany slept through it.
This is one of the things I got for mothers day, Jennifer must have managed to buy this at the doll show when I wasnt looking! isnt she adorable!? Bethany gave some Mary englbriet things and also a princess mug!

Tony and his girlfriend came over before the movie ended and we eventually had a nice steak dinner cooked on the grill with veggies and potato casserole. For dessert we had banana splits.. well actually I had a banana split, the girls had sundaes and the guys didnt have dessert! Thats why they are all much thinner then us!

(ummmmm... and I had a banana split for my dinner tonight! tony ate last nights left overs.)
anyways... I hope you all had a wonderful mothers day too. I didnt get any pictures of the kids while they were here. but bethany took some interesting pictures of my sock monkey dancing and my son pointing a rifle at her!! when she down loads them I'll copy it and post it.. but beware.. its not a very nice picture!
Have a lovely week my friends!


Diane said...

Oh Viv that Split looks yummy... I sure had a wonderful Mothers Day and it sounds like you did the same. I too had to work a little.
Hugs, Diane

bojojoti said...

All the dollys' clothes look great on them.

zoe said...

Hey Viv! that sound so nice of having your kids around you on mother's day yet i am so wish to eat your banana Split! You are totally rite, girls love sweet so much than any guys hahaha i can't resist whenever i pass by ice-cream store!

Gosh beautiful needle punch you had finished in your previous post! I WANT IT!!!


kathy said...

Sounds lovely - mine was lovely also -spent with family at the cottage --Lots of good eats and
laughter and sweet presents -
Kathy - ga

Marie Reed said...

How could the men resist something as divinely chocolatey as that!

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

I want a banana split. One year for our anniversary we made banana splits for oud dinner so much fun!!! Gald your day was nice...m...

Sandy Michelle said...

Such cuuute dolly pix! Sounds like a fun and very filling Mother's Day :) I can't wait to see the funny sock monkey pix!


Persuaded said...

i love those little dollies♥ i think i remember them from my childhood... what vintage are they exactly, do you know?

and it sounds like you had a great day with your wonderful kiddos☺

Carla said...

The little doll with blond hair and glasses looks like a mini you. LOL

jenneroni said...

Actually, just so you know, I gave you the ME stuff, not Bethany. Minor detail. :-p

natalea said...

I knew of all people you would have a great Mothers Day Viv! You sure deserve it!
Looks like a fun day...and speaking of fun, I can't wait for our weekend retreat!!
xo nat

Natasha Burns said...

Well even though you had to work a bit your Mother's day sounded great, with that banana split being the icing on the cake!

Fran said...

Your Mother's Day sounds wonderful. Mine was wonderful also. We have one daughter and one grandson living here. They came over and spend time with me. Did have more kids ang grands living here until they moved to PA. Got phone calls, cards and gifts from all 8 kids and some of the grands. Ken took me out to supper. It was a nice Mother's Day. :-)

Love your needle punch. The colors are beautiful

Susan said...

MMM! I could eat that split right now. Glad to hear you had a nice Mother's Day.


Gina2424 said...

Happy Mother's Day, Viv! Violet's looking very....Violet! Yes, you must do Moo cards- they're great and fun! And they give you a different way of looking at the details in your art.
BTW, Benjamin Button....we were riveted....loved it....cried over a certain part that touched a cord....but that's the beauty of each his own!

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Looks like you had a lovely mother's day! The dollies are so cute, and that banana split looks YUM!!!!!!
Thanks for the heads up about the movie.

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Yummy ice cream...I want a Blythe doll too! Maybe next Mother's Day?

Stay Cozy Viv, Carrie

Maija said...

That banana split made me break out in a sweat- yummy!!!

barbara burkard said...

what a lovely day!

Julie said...

Oh - I have not had a banana split in years...looks YUMMY!!! Glad your day was fun..mine too. Youngest daughter made us dinner in her new house!