Friday, May 29, 2009


Yay!! its friday.. but once again.. i'm on call this weekend and coming week. but this is the last time for the summer. We have to sign up for two weeks out of a three month cycle. I was lucky to get my two weeks in early and be done. so I dont really have anything planned for the weekend. I have a couple projects to work on, ornies for a 4th of july swap, and my softie for the niagara girls retreat (coming up in a few weeks! yay!). I also have my quilt to work, which is going to be soo pretty when its finished. And, I just got an order for 12 memory bears yesterday. I also really need to clean my house! So I definitely have things to keep me busy. not to mention my very adorable and playful kittens, who both love me now! I know where the phrase copy cat comes from now.. She, (franny) follows figgy around and does what ever he does. its pretty funny! However, there is a creating keepsakes scrapboooking convention going on this weekend in Buffalo. Jennifer and I usually go, but shes busy, and I dont drive in buffalo.. so I guess I have to miss out on it. Come to think of it, I was on call last year at this time, because I had to find a quiet spot to take a report while we were there. I should call Natalea and see if she wants to go! I hate to miss it, there is sooo much wonderful stuff there!

There are two giveaways that you should go check out.. My friend Diane at she has a bunch of sweet vintagey sewing goodies that you will all want in on! And also Johanna parker is giving one of her sweet halloweenies away.. make sure you enter to win these goodies!

and.. let me add one more... Cindy at is also doing a sweet giveaway!
so be sure to visit all these blogs!
Also, there is a madhatter party planned.. you might like to check this out too..

oh! Ive stumbled upon another giveaway.. this one is by the Apron Goddesses! go here and good luck.. the aprons there are gorgeous!

Well, I really had stuff to show you, like the raggedy above, but I'll have to come back tonight to post again..

I've only got about 30 minutes to get ready for work now.. so


Persuaded said...

what a precious little raggedy! you really have such a knack for doing the sweetest little faces♥

hope you have a wonderful day at work, my dear!

zoe said...

haha seem like you are doing so good and what a busy schedual sound like so fun! I will do some gardening on Sat! hehe happy weekends Viv!


AwtemNymf said...

I spy an Annie. She's A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E. !!!

Hope you have a relaxing weekend. You sound like you've got your crafty hands FULL! Happy Creating sweetums!

Johanna Parker said...

Thank you Vivian for sharing my Giveaway with your readers!.... I really appreciate that :-) Feel free to snag an image of my JOL to include in your post, and don't forget to come back for your 2nd comment entry!!

Happy Friday!
~ Johanna

Shelley said...

Hi Viv,I will certainly be back to see your Raggedy...her face is very sweet. Sounds like you are a Busy Bee(smile)....


Carla said...

Very sweet doll face! Don't work too hard there.

bojojoti said...

I'm glad you have two funny, sweet kitties to love you. You'll have to post more photos; I can never get enough photos of kittens.

Mistea said...

That is such a cute Annie face, can't wait to see how she looks in real life. Those are very sweet kittens you have. Enjoy.