Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Pooped out...............

I am exhausted! It seems like its been a long week and today is only tuesday. Im fact, I'm so tired .. Im not sure what the heck I'm even doing here right now!

I guess I wanted to show you this new pinkeep I made .. not sure what I'm doing with it yet. It might be a swap piece for a swap I'm in or not.. I might make something else!

I'm seriously considering starting up my etsy soon.. I keep saying i'm going to.. but I seem to give everything I make away in swaps or as gifts! Then there are the pieces that I just cant part with! Like this other little birdie from my last post..

This is how she ended up.. I made her a little box to stand on.

well, I thought I had stuff I was going to talk about.. but Im too tired now and i need to go find marmalade and lay on the couch! Hopefully I'll be a little more energetic and do a better post tomorrow!

OH!! I know what.... !

Did you all see Adam on American Idol tonight? he is sooo good! I just love him!

nightie night bloggy girls!


Kai said...

Hi, Viv! I've SO MUCH missed reading your posts! Your newest creations are WONDERFUL! And - yes! Adam rocks! I'm crazy about that boy's voice! LOVE YOU! Now eat some marmalade & rest!!!!

bojojoti said...

Start your Etsy!

sexy said...
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Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Yes...I saw Adam...he is incredible!

I LOVE your little birdie...it is the cutest ever. I can see why you can't part with it. The colors and style. What wonderful work you do...even when you are "tired"!

Stay Cozy & Rested,

zoe said...

Viv! Start your Etsy!
You are such a talented lady and people out there love your creations:)
Gonna be so happy to see your lovely things on etsy! Your little bird and the so details gift box really look adorable to me how i wish i can have it on my working place *lol*


Lori said...

Viv, that pinkeep is SOOOO adorable!!! why aren't you selling? i have been wondering that too...you make the cutest things...love how sweet your bird looks on her box:)
take care of yourself!!!

Persuaded said...

viv, i have been thinking of starting an etsy too... mostly aprons, but a few other things as well. i've made some baby items from vintage patterns that i think might work. it's so hard to know how much to charge though. i admit i'm intimidated, lol.

maybe you could start one and then talk me through the process;)

have a great day hon♥

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

Yes please get some rest. Have a sweet day...m.

jillian said...

Would you please please please start your Etsy shop!!! I want to buy one of your sweet little pinkeeps so bad. You make the cutest darn things. Plus...my daughter stole my sweet little bear that you swapped with me and I want to buy my own!!!

BlackCrow said...

my felting needles would get here.....I know its only been about a week and they're coming from the US, but looking at your work just gets me itching to start. The little bird is so cute ans so full of character. You would do well with Etsy, give it a go!!

JupiterDesigns said...

Adorable! I can see why you cant part with the little birdie, you would do so well with an etsy shop! It would be an instant fav. :)

Maureen said...

They are really wonderful...love it!