Monday, December 21, 2009

4 more days!

OH the life of a cat!
so much relaxing!
just eat.. play and relax!
Not a care in the world.
While I hustled and bustled around saturday
finishing projects and baking tons of cookies
(of which I cant even eat!)
They just relaxed!
I just cant imagine..
Well, for one, I am not a relaxer.
I am always doing something.
Though creating is relaxing to me, I guess!
so we're in the finally count down! only 4 days til christmas. i still have some work to do.. final projects to make.. and some gift certificates to pick up. I am broke. and after christmas I will not only be on a food diet.. but also a spending diet as well!
I'll be back tonight to post the elf parade! If any of you were in the elf swap and havent sent me pics of your elfs yet, please do! I dont want them to miss the Christmas elf parade!
Have a bright and shiney day!


barbara burkard said...

happy Christmas week!!!! I'm camped out with my lawn chair at the curb of the road...waiting for the parade to march by!...have to get here EARLY to get a good seat!!!) Do you think someone will be tossing sweets to the gathered onlookers? It's a merry time!!! THANK YOU FOR HOSTESSING!

kathy said...

YOur KItty - so cute -- hmmm to be that relaxed -- Must be having visions of sugarplums -lol
Can't wait to see the sweet elves - Kathy - ga ♥

Firuzan said...

dear Vivian i wish happy and beautiful christmas times & new year to you all. your world always has very living moments.. all cat friends, teddy friends, dolls, friendships and especially all yummy foods and cakes : ) it usually reflects good & warmly things in life case. it's beautiful like you
love and kisses. firuzan

Valarie said...

Oh Vivian....can you believe how quickly Christmas is coming. I LOVE your kitty. It looks like our sweet kitty that we had. I hope you get lots accomplished this week. tee hee
xxoo Valarie

Kai said...

Hmmmm ... Viv, I think Fanny & Figgy have the RIGHT IDEA! Now where can I sneak away for a nice, warm nap? As for broke, oh yeah! I HEAR you on that! This is my slooooow editing time, but thankfully January is my BUSIEST time! So I will be tucking whatever I earn then into savings. You, my dear, are THE merriest, most holiday-spirited lil' soul I know & you always give us eye candy to smile and drool over! I'm lined up with Barbara, waiting on the elf parade! And, hey! I LOOOOVE the idea of someone tossing sweets to us. I'll be the round one with the open mouth! Toss away, please!

Anonymous said...

Oh the life of a kitty! I would go nuts sleeping all day and not doing a thing! I just wish we lived closer together so we could always be on the go! hehe Have a relaxing day for once and learn for the best the kitties in your life! hugs


Zan Asha said...

I envy the kitties! Such a life. I'm also trying to tie up a few ends for Christmas. Hope yours is wonderful! :)

Lydia said...

cutey kitties. I have missed mine.

Have missed so much in blogland as well.

Hubby is just a miracle.
xo Lydia