Saturday, December 26, 2009

I love Christmas....

We had the best Christmas day. The kids all came over and we made quiche for breakfast and we ate bagels and honey butter. We opened our stockings and all of our awesome gifts, then off we went to Tonys parents house for an afternoon with his family and more FOOD!!!
I was completey naughty Christmas eve and Christmas day...
as far as sticking to my points..
in fact I totally rebelled and ate anything that was in my path...
and even some things that werent in my path!
But I fugure thats all ok.. as of today.. I'm back to the plan!
I have lost 32. something pounds so far.. and I have another 38 to lose.
My goal is by June.. so I have to stick to it..
which up to this point hasnt been a problem....
it was just a little tiny giftie to myself to pig out for two days! (bad gift!!)
Speaking of gifts, omg.. my kids spoiled us as always..
so much great stuff! Maybe later I'll get back on and show ya a few things!
What I really want to tell you about is Bethanys Christmas present.. which I have had hidden in my house and cared for it for the last month..
but you will have to wait til the next post!!! pictures and video to share.
For now.. Im getting ready to go do a little shopping..
(gotta get a couple bargains.. or the holiday is not complete!)
and then off to see two movies.. the princess and the frog and blindsided.
Have a lovely day after christmas!
I think I'm going to leave all my decorations and my tree up for 2 more weeks.. I just cant part with them all yet!


Kai said...

Viv, you are the cutest! I think your house is every bit as fun & festive as YOU are! Glad you had a wonderful Christmas! Can't wait to see the gifties! You won't believe this (tho' it's 100% TRUE) but we already have our Christmas things packed away till next year when they will come back out on the day after Thanksgiving. It's been my tradition since - well -forever. LOL! I already miss it (and we JUST took it down this morning) but I'm a routine kinda gal. Have fun shopping! HUGS!!

Sassafras and LuLu said...

Merry Christmas Vivian!
Your tree is great and fluffy! I don't blame you, I am leaving mine up for a few weeks yet, all the work and beauty is hard to part with so soon, I cry when I take my walks and find a lonely tree out by the curb for pickup a day or two after Christmas! I Luv Christmas and lights and sparkle and music...AND have to enjoy the holiday and splurge and then like you said..get back on track!! Me too.
hugs, Carol

Diane said...

I Love How everything Looks! Merry Christmas, and a Very Happy New Year.

My Favorite Things said...

Hi Viv. Your house looks wonderful! I am leaving my Christmas decorations up for a while also. It makes me happy to look at them! I hope you have a wonderful New Year. I enjoy reading your blog! Kimberly

Libby Buttons said...

O dEAR! Would it not be a total blast if we were neighbors? You could sew me teddy bears and I could make you pee your pants! Lets always keep this open as an option should one of us decide to move!
aka LiBBy BuTTons

Melissa said...

Hey Sweet Viv!
That's the first time I've ever seen a chinchillia (spelled wrong). At first I thought it was a rabbit with super short ears!
Your house looks super FESTIVE! Love it! Thanks for visiting and leaving such a nice comment about my Russian snowguy.