Saturday, December 5, 2009

playing around

Just been playing around trying to decorate my blog for christmas a little bit! My computer is home, but I havent hooked it up yet. Im afraid Im going to have to download a few programs and that kind of stuff always makes me nervous. So I'll wait til tomorrow and get one of my kids to do it!
I went to my quilt guild christmas luncheon today and then went shopping with my girls for a little while this afternoon. I have both the girls finished, but the boys and their father... I just dont know what to get for them. I bought them clothes so far, but how boring is that. Bethany is getting the biggest surprise this year. Something she has always wanted. Cant say what it is.. just incase she reads this! I have it hiding in my craft room, which she wont be allowed in til Christmas morning. I hope she likes it. cant wait to show you what it is!

These two pictures above are things I made for a couple swaps I was in. The top one, the snow ball doll was made for the altered christmas doll swap hosted by Sandy of sandyscreations. I hope my partner recieved her already and this doesnt spoil her surprise. And the one above is from the Christoween swap hosted by ...
I really love how both of these turned out.. I hope my partners do too!
The bears below were made for someone that just lost her husband. Made out of his shirts. I hope they are loved by whoever recieves them. Im working on 5 elves that will be dressed in someone elses husbands clothing as well.

I have so many pictures to take of things I've recieved lately and of my decorated house. Now that my computer is home, I'll be able to upload my pics again! yippee!

Tomorrow is my daughter Bethanys 24th birthday. She and I are going to see Jennifer in the musical production of scrooge. Jen is playing the part of Belle, the woman Scrooge was in love with when he was young. HOpefully I will be able to take pics and maybe video part of one of the scenes she's in.

I've been trying to catch up with you all.. not an easy feat! Some of you are very prolific! I'm so impressed by everyones Christmas decorations and art work.. there is sooo much inspiration out here.. it just amazes me. And, I'm expecting so many wonderful packages in the mail with in the next week or so.. Elves from my elf partners.. I recieved one yesterday.. OMG.. thats all I can say.. wait till you see them all.. Everyone who joined this swap is super talented. I've got Elizabeths tag book coming.. cant wait.. ornie swaps on the way.. altered doll.. christoween doll.. and I won a copy of blissful blogging from the awesome happylovesrosie! So I've got lots to look forward to!

OK.. I ve rambled on long enough.. is anyone still with me? one more thing.. I do think that Frannie is probably pregnant. Remember they are not related, the girls I work with keep saying that I'll have mutant kittens.. theyre just playing.. but I purposely got them unrelated so if I decided to, that we could have kittens. I just hadnt planned on it being quite so soon! Frannie was born the last week in march. So she will be about 10 months old when she has them.

gotta run.. I'm going to make something special to do a christmas giveaway with! hopefully will post about it tomorrow.

toodles all!


Nancy said...

So glad you finally got your computer back. What a relief!! Love your two dolls.
XO Nancy

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

WOW you have been so busy my friend. I adore the bears..m

Zan Asha said...

Love the new Christmas blog layout! You have been a very busy bee, I see! Good stuff. Love the bears!

Cathy said...

Yeah, your computer is back. Wahoooooooooooooo and more kitties yippeeeee.

Love the swaps goodies.

xo Cathy

RabbitHollowPrims said...

OMG Viv your dollie for the christoween swap came out gorgeous!

RabbitHollowPrims said...

OMG Viv your dollie for the christoween swap came out gorgeous!

kathy said...

VIVVY , How glad I am to see you back -- You are so creative -- the snowball doll - such a cute idea -- also --MR KITTY CLAUS _ adorable -- and all the sewing --wow girl and getting in shape -- one busy girl !!-Been missing you -- Lots of prezzies from your swaps -- can't wait to see _ KAthy - ga ♥

Sandy Michelle said...

Hey girl, You must be relieved to be back on-line! I just LOVE how your altered doll turned out! I'm a little nervous that I won't be receiving the 12 days ornis here in Canada on time since not everyone sent theirs yet ;( How exciting that your cat may be pregnant!!! Happy early birthday to Bethany! I'm sure the play is going to be wonderful! Wish you were with Nat and I last weekend! Luckily we did it before the bitter cold came in. I heard you guys got a lot if snow!


Jeanne said...

Hi Viv,
Those bears are adorable and what a neat idea to use the shirts for their bodies. Hope your daughter had a happy birthday!

michelle said...

I loooooove my doll! She is just so darling! She is sitting on my kitchen window making me happy while I do dishes (ugh!) Thank you so much! I hope your doll makes it to you okay. I altered one of my own dolls. Thanks again!

Jacqueline said...

I can hardly wait to see the elves...they are my cup of tea! Sweet as can be!